Digital strategy News A modern data management offering and new certifications

A modern data management offering and new certifications

23 September 2019

When we say “your future is our present,” we don’t make the promise lightly. For more than 15 years now, we’ve been known for our ability to measure digital performance, and we’ve been working very hard over the past few months to solidify a vision of business data that will allow us to support our clients in the years to come.

Our analytics team has recently had the chance to work on some of the biggest digital data projects in Canada, for companies at the top of their fields. For example, Cirque du Soleil, Air Canada, Ubisoft, the STM, IATA, Aldo and the National Bank have all benefited from our expertise in implementing and activating corporate digital data solutions. The technology we most often plan for, select, implement and activate is either Google or Adobe, both of which were quick to recognize Adviso as a leader by awarding us certifications.

About a year ago, we’ve added four data scientists to our team of now 15 experts. They are working to create products for all our teams to use. They also offer services to our clients to help them implement new ways of working, leveraging data engineering, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

We are proud to offer an integrated suite of data management services thanks to the synergy created by these two teams, which allows our clients to capture and deploy data throughout their customer journey, online and off. At the heart of this challenge faced by every organization, is the integration of data from various systems.

Until you can successfully integrate data sources, automation is impossible. On top of our Data Management Platforms (DMP) expertise, Adviso has developed expertise around Customer Data Platforms/Infrastructures (or CDP/CDI) that build bridges between different systems, both older and more modern, to allow for real advances towards automation, a mandatory step on the way to artificial intelligence. This technology is offered at a reasonable cost, and allows you to update the elements of your ecosystem one at a time, without needing to rebuild the whole thing from scratch. If you want to learn everything about CDP, we invite you to read this article from our expert Louis-Philippe Mathieu.

We are also proud to announce that we have obtained the highest level of certification from a key player in the industry, Segment. We have experience with CDP/CDIs from several other companies, but we have chosen Segment for a number of clients because of its neutrality towards capture and deployment solutions, which allows Adviso to maintain its own neutrality towards these solutions.

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