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Series Marketing Automation

This series put the spotlight on marketing automation, a trend that is gaining popularity in the industry - with good reason! Discover how to efficiently integrate this tactic within your projects, as well as optimization tricks when you are ready to take it to the next level.

Series Cookie Apocalypse

Major browsers such as Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other major website publishers have announced an important change that will have a significant impact on the daily life of marketers: the gradual abolition of third-party cookies and the reduction of the possibilities of primary cookies. This phenomenon is called the Cookie Apocalypse!

Series Ctrl+A | A Podcast About Digital Strategy

Ctrl+A is a podcast hosted by digital specialists. We invite people to talk about very concrete facts on all kinds of digital topics, people who are not afraid of their opinions and, above all, who know how to explain the most technical concepts. One thing is certain: together, we will learn a lot about digital. On what already exists, but it's also on what's coming. Your future is our present.


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