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Air Canada

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Tags from technological/media partners
Data divergence from the booking system/Digital Analytics
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The Adviso team allowed us to utilize Adobe Analytics’ full potential in order to have the flexibility and knowledge necessary to analyze a robust and complex ecosystem of data.
Jeremy Thompson
Ecommerce, Insights & Analytics Manager

Deployment of the Adobe Analytics Cloud solution on

Air Canada is the most important airline in Canada, and counts as one of the 20 most important airline societies on a global scale, transporting over 38 million clients every year. During its website redesign in 2016, Air Canada turned to Adviso to ensure the quality and quantity increase of its available data in Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture SiteCatalyst). To do so, Adviso took charge of the architecture, the deployment, and the maintenance of the solution.

Challenges related to the project

Single Page Application environment which complexified data collection
Responsive website that displayed content differently
Large number of teams and departments using a reading/writing solution
External data import was necessary in order to get a complete overview
Complex technological environment with high availability

Strategies deployed by Adviso

Marking architecture based on a dynamic nomenclature of the data layer (W3C Digital Data Layer)
Work organization centralized on tagging in order to reduce error and increase quality of data
Inclusion of the business intelligence teams to integrate or export digital data
Alignment with the other development teams in order to insure a high availability of Air Canada’s online reservation services
Adviso teams organized in a manner to support the deployment during low traffic times (night and weekends)
Trainings given to marketing teams and partner agencies to ensure the maintenance of high quality measurement during the marketing campaigns
Complete review of the current Analytics ecosystem, and creation of an optimized recommendation roadmap which included processes, tech stack, and human resources
Analysis of data linked to consumer behavior and of the industry in order to recommend adjustments to the digital strategy (priority of mobile, UX adjustment, optimization of media investments, etc.)

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