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Relationship Marketing: Automate Your Marketing

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Relationship marketing has become indispensable whether you need to build customer loyalty, nurture leads, improve engagement or increase your company’s business numbers.

Create value for your customers by communicating in an efficient and personalized manner that is adapted to the customer’s circumstances. Each customer experiences situations differently and deserves a tailor-made response, but it’s impossible to do this manually once you reach a certain volume. Marketing automation is therefore essential to meet the growing needs of your company.

Marketing Automation

It’s by using marketing automation that relationship marketing is able to communicate personalized messages at the right time, to the right person, throughout their relationship with your company.

Marketing automation allows you, among other things, to:

  • Create welcome, re-engagement and database-cleaning email sequences;
  • Mass edit contacts’ properties in just a few seconds;
  • Put in place a lead scoring system to evaluate the maturity level of your leads;
  • Create dynamic segments based on your contacts’ properties or actions.

The opportunities are endless, and there are many tools to help you achieve your goals.

Email Marketing: Planning

Our team can help you see things more clearly by helping you:

  • Develop your email marketing strategy;
  • Define your KPIs;
  • Select and use the most appropriate email marketing and automation platforms;
  • Create and integrate emails in your platform;
  • Generate reports and monitor performance.

Support and Guidance

Adviso provides support so that you can achieve your business goals more easily by carrying out the following tasks:

  • Optimization of your campaigns and web pages;
  • Improvement of the user experience (development of landing pages and email template);
  • Optimization of conversion rates;
  • Configuration of and training on marketing automation and email marketing platforms.

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With experience in a wide variety of industries, our team can help you identify the key moments and most relevant messages for your customers, as well as structure and launch your campaigns, and optimize them based on business results.


Our conversion optimization specialists will support you through the design, execution, and measure of landing pages that will incite your contacts to take action after either having seen one of your campaigns or found you through search, or with the help of forms that will allow you to collect leads and orders.


Our team has already compared dozens of tools appropriate for different contexts; we can help your team choose the one best adapted to your business model, or help you get the most of out the tool you already have, both in terms of revenue generated and efficiency of campaign management.

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Relationship Marketing: Automate Your Marketing