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Are you investing in content creation (you’ve started a blog, recruited internal experts, set up an editorial calendar, etc.) but still aren’t getting the results you had hoped for? We can help you structure your strategy for the long term. By investing in content that’s targeted and useful to your audience, you can create lasting digital assets for your brand and considerably increase your chances of being found and considered.

Our experts will help you establish good practices and processes in order to create a content strategy that will target your audience at the right time, on the right platforms – and of course, with the right messages!


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Once the strategy has been defined, one of the keys to solid performance is instituting an efficient process for creating and deploying content in collaboration with your internal team. Our experts can help you structure the deployment of your content strategy, while also offering guides, tools and training, and allowing your team to be as independent as possible. We also prioritize the integration of digital reflexes within your processes, particularly sales, customer service and public relations. The organization of the work of the internal and external teams participating in the development of your content is the cornerstone of a successful strategy.


The success of your content strategy rests, of course, in its results and performance, but also in the transfer of knowledge between our experts and your team. We equip you with all the resources used by our experts and offer a training plan that will allow you to master the best practices.



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