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Beyond understanding the needs of users, the way your brand expresses itself is a crucial differentiating element. Users appreciate content that meets their needs, but will support and share what aligns with their deepest values and aspirations. Your brand has a story, a personality, attributes and values that belong to it alone. Our team’s role is to promote it across each content marketing initiative that’s put in place.

Why a brand strategy?

  • To develop an editorial personality for your brand that differentiates you from the competition;
  • To develop a tone and brand expression capable of attracting users’ attention;
  • To convey your values and positioning in a clear and engaging way.
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IA perceptual mapping

To be able to attract users’ attention, a brand needs to know how to communicate in a distinctive way and find its own unique editorial personality online.

The positioning of the digital brand is useful for:

  • Adapting your content to reach users in effective and different ways on multiple platforms;
  • Clarifying your messages so that they align with your positioning as a brand.

How do you know if a content strategy is positively influencing your brand image?
How can you adjust, over time, to the constant evolution of your brand image without having to constantly undertake costly studies?

Perceptual mapping is useful for:

  • Drawing on big data collected from social media, digital news sources, blogs and YouTube. Thanks to textual analyses and Natural Language Processing techniques, our team of data scientists extracts all digital content that mentions your brand.
  • Statistically measuring the impact of PR and content marketing efforts on brand perception and the attributes associated with your brand.

Share of voice analysis

Knowing how your content stacks up against the competition when it comes to share of voice in search can not only help you to determine your relative strength, but also to prioritize the optimization and content creation actions you take on your site.

Share of voice analysis is useful for:

  • Knowing your strengths, weaknesses and the biggest rivals in your market;
  • Making your brand more visible, thereby earning a larger share of voice.

Connection plan

Halfway between a strategic plan and a media plan, a connection plan is a concrete response to every marketer’s fervent desire to publish the right message at the right time to the right person.

A connection plan is useful for:

  • Planning ad creative around priority messages;
  • Creating content adapted to each platform in a media plan.


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