Google Marketing Platform

As a Google Marketing Platform (GMP) partner, we are fully trained and certified to sell licenses, deploy, implement, and integrate Google technology into your environment.

Adviso is committed to providing its clients with the highest level of support, and possesses an understanding of the Quebec and Canadian markets, along with mastery of their unique needs.

We are the only company established in Quebec that can sell the full range of Google Marketing Platform (GMP) products, including:


Google Analytics 360

The standard for audience tracking that offers more than the standard version, including the ability to track large volumes of traffic, native integrations with other products, and advanced reporting tools.

Display & Video 360

The Google DSP solution that allows you to target audiences, purchase, and manage programmatic banner and video campaigns.

Search Ads 360

The most advanced search marketing solution on the market, enabling the optimization and automation of complex search campaigns across multiple networks simultaneously, and precise control over targeting, bids, and attribution.
campaign manager

Campaign Manager 360

Allows you to manage, execute, and track the delivery of advertisements of all formats, across multiple external channels.