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Understanding and engaging your target audience

It’s essential to have a solid understanding of the consumer before making decisions related to a brand’s positioning strategies, content and distribution. That’s why it’s important to use every means possible to build a reliable representation of your target audience. Our role is to help you create digital assets that offer content that adds value to each part of the user journey, from discovery to conversion.

Why do consumer analysis?

  • To adapt and personalize your messages depending on the platform;
  • To increase the engagement of your online community;
  • To measure the profitability of your content;
  • To better organize your website content;
  • To create content centered on users’ needs;
  • To find new opportunities to increase visibility and be more competitive vis-à-vis the competition.
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Content performance audit

By establishing a portrait of how your current content is performing and analyzing content produced by the competition, you’ll have a better idea of your content needs, depending on your business goals.

A performance audit will then allow you to:

  • Identify the pages that generate qualified leads and those with strong SEO potential;
  • Define the content needs of the site based on the gaps in the user journey;
  • Align your content offering with your current and future marketing goals and activities;
  • Produce insights that fuel the major strategic directions of your content strategy.

Social media performance audit

We use the data generated by your social platforms to understand whether your messages are lining up with members’ expectations.

A social media performance audit can then be used to:

  • Create a sociodemographic portrait of your online communities;
  • Provide fodder for the creation or updating of your personas;
  • Optimize your content and messages to generate growth and better engagement from your community;
  • Continually improve your social media management practices to maximize their impact.

Keyword research and defining search intentions

By analyzing search queries, volume and trends, we can identify the needs expressed by users and sort keywords into relevant categories for your brand.

Keyword research is useful for:

  • Defining search behaviour and the user journey;
  • Establishing a solid base from which to implement a content strategy;
  • Align content creation and optimization with the interests and search intentions of users, as well as other potential target users;
  • Optimize your organic SEO.

Calendar of the seasonality of search queries

A seasonality calendar allows a brand to plan content around a theme or product, and know which user queries are aligned, based on seasonality.

A seasonality calendar is useful for:

  • Making better decisions, based on searches users are conducting online;
  • Planning your brand messages based on trends and your users;
  • Finding ideas for seasonal content, aligned with your target audience.

Analysis of content gaps

This analysis allows you to understand the gap between your actual content offering and the content users are looking for. In short, aligning your assets with users’ needs and intentions.

An analysis of gaps in content is useful for:

  • Understanding the scope of topics covered on your site as compared to the competition;
  • Understanding the range of opportune subjects on the web in your industry;
  • Isolating high-potential themes you haven’t yet broached, so you can include them in your content creation and/or optimization strategy;
  • Identify subjects for which you need to improve your visibility.


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