Our Team

We are proud of our team, which unites more than 100 people who share a passion for all things digital. They combine expertise and experience, and work together to achieve your goals. The success of a project depends on the involvement of the people behind it. Our team always delivers measurable results that are worthy of your brand.


Photo of Elizabeth Henry

CEO, Partner

Elizabeth Henry

Elizabeth leads, guides and shapes Adviso's growth as CEO and shareholder. With over 20 years of experience in marketing and IT, both in professional services and with large advertisers, she has contributed to the transformation of multiple organizations.
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Photo of Jean-François Renaud

President and Cofounder, Partner

Jean-François Renaud

Jean-François Renaud is in charge of development and branding at Adviso. His major contribution to the company is the creation of partnerships with important clients at national and international levels, in a wide variety of industries.
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Andréanne Achim_1908

Andréanne Achim

Business lead, Practice Director

Photo d'Amélie Morin-Godard

Amélie Morin-Godard

Operations Director, Partner

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Camilla English

Data and Customer Experience Director

Photo de Caroline Leprince

Caroline Leprince



Claire Renaut

Director of PRACTICE intelligence and data activation

Émilie Barthe_1484-1

Émilie Barthe

Consulting Group Director

Photo de Francis Devoy

Francis Devoy


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Francis Belisle_341

Francis Bélisle

IT Director, Exploitation and Automation


Guillaume Wagner

Director, Data Collection and Engineering

Isabel Gingras_154

Isabel Gingras

Vice President, Operations

Photo de Jean-Bernard Laguë

Jean-Bernard Laguë

Vice president finances

Photo de Jean-Christophe Bouchot

Jean-Christophe Bouchot

Sales and Marketing Director

Photo de Kristel Salesse

Kristel Salesse

Director of Data and Client Experience Program Strategy

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Martin Gagnier_1295-1

Martin Gagnier

SEO and content marketing director

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Photo de Mathieu Zancan

Mathieu Zancan


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Photo de Moulaye Traore

Moulaye Traore

Vice President Data and Client Experience

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Photo de Nicolas Villeneuve

Nicolas Villeneuve


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Photo de Philippe Boutin-Lizotte

Philippe Boutin-Lizotte

Business lead, Partner

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Photo de Sanmohini Pellerin

Sanmohini Pellerin

Director of Talent and Culture

Photo de Simon Éthier

Simon Éthier

Executive Consultant, Partner

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Équipe Adviso

Aaron Carbon_960

Aaron Carbon

SEO Strategist

Photo d'Alexandre Gardé

Alexandre Gardé

Conversion Rate Optimization & Customer Experience Strategist

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Antoine Launay_226

Antoine Launay

Assistant Controller

Photo d'Axel Queffeulou

Axel Queffeulou

Senior Data solution architect

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Photo de Camille Dupuy Groulx

Camille Dupuy Groulx

Media Activation Strategist

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Camille Porcher



Caroline Turcotte

Media Strategist

Photo de Chantal Morissette

Chantal Morissette

Talents & Culture Team Leader

Charles-Éric Beaulieu-1

Charles-Éric Beaulieu

Business Development Manager

Charlotte Robinet_85

Charlotte Robinet

Project Coordinator

Charles-Henri Paillé_529-1

Charles-Henri Paillé

Data and intelligence Strategist

Photo de Chloé Desilets

Chloé Desilets



David Régimbald

Media Specialist

Dominique Simard_423

Dominique Simard

Data & Intelligence senior analyst

Photo d'Elaina Provencher

Elaina Provencher

Media Senior Strategist

Photo d'Émilie Dubuc

Émilie Dubuc

Project Lead


Étienne Moreau

Project Manager

Capture d’écran, le 2024-04-03 à 10.15.06

Eric Anquetil

Media Analyst

Erik Hoeu_152

Erik Hoeu

Media Analyst

Photo de Frédérique Brossard

Frédérique Brossard

Team Lead - Project Management

Gabrielle Goodness_120

Gabrielle Goodness

Media Analyst

Photo de Hans Laroche

Hans Laroche

Cofounder, R3 Marketing

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Houssem Bouazizi

Machine Learning Specialist

Photo de Jean-François Chevalier

Jean-François Chevalier

practice lead - Search

Jessica Verville

Jessica Verville

Media Strategist

Johanie Vigneault_244

Johanie Vigneault

Junior Data Scientist

Jordan Harrison-Lalande_470

Jordan Harrison-Lalande

IT Analyst

Capture d’écran, le 2024-06-26 à 09.54.39

Jonathan Pollender

Business Strategy Consultant

Jacqueline Marasigan_369

Jacqueline Marasigan

Accounts Payable Clerk

Jeremy Guinle_284

Jérémy Guinle

Media Specialist

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Juliette Lenaerts

Project Coordinator

Capture d’écran, le 2024-06-21 à 13.37.29

Justine Roy

Media Analyst focus activation


Kausar Mussa

Data Platform Integrator

Photo de Keven Luu

Keven Luu

Data & Intelligence analyst

Photo de Léa Bernaix

Léa Bernaix

Data & Intelligence strategist

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Louise Bariant_252

Louise Bariant

Media Analyst

Capture d’écran, le 2023-09-25 à 14.01.48

Lucie De Almeida

Engagement marketing and CRM specialist


Maël Péault

Media Specialist

Photo de Maëlle Bail

Maëlle Bail

Senior Project Manager

Malick Sene_660

Malick Sene

Accounting Clerk

Photo de Marc-André Le Bail

Marc-André Le Bail

Accounting Team Lead

Photo de Marie Lainé

Marie Lainé


Photo de Marie-Christine Morisset

Marie-Christine Morisset

Account manager

Marine Ullern

Marine Ullern

Media Strategist

Capture d’écran, le 2024-07-02 à 10.44.08

Matthieu Morelle

Media Brand Strategist

Maxime Bergeron_406

Maxime Bergeron

Account Manager

Photo de Maxime Philippon

Maxime Philippon

Practice Leader, Relationship Marketing, Customer Experience

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Photo de Meggy Barbier

Meggy Barbier

Team Lead ans Media Strategist

Capture d’écran, le 2024-05-30 à 15.34.48

Mickaël Wajnberg

Consultant, data and artificial intelligence

Photo de Miriam Darras

Miriam Darras

Talent Acquisition Specialist

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Nathan Cialec

Media Analyst

Nicolas Madore_572

Nicolas Madore

SEO & Content Marketing Analyst

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Noémie Clavet_574

Noémie Clavet

CRO Specialist

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Nourchene Ben Ali

Nourchene Ben Ali

Team Lead - Data collection

Octavio Cordova Chavez_906

Octavio Cordova Chavez

Media Specialist

Photo de Pascale-Anne Giguère

Pascale-Anne Giguère


Photo de Paul Lafortune

Paul Lafortune

Cofounder, R3 Marketing

Photo de Paulina Gutiérrez Apablaza

Paulina Gutiérrez Apablaza

Team Leader & Media Strategist

Pauline Ginez_1007

Pauline Ginez

Media Specialist

Philippe Chayer

Philippe Chayer

Analytical Engineering Consultant

Photo de Pierre Gagnon-Gingras

Pierre Gagnon-Gingras

Data & Intelligence strategist

Photo de Pierre Zanolli

Pierre Zanolli


Rayane El Boustani_453

Rayane El Boustani

Media Analyst

Photo de Rosemarie Leroux

Rosemarie Leroux

Project Manager

Remi Buret_363

Rémi Buret

Data and Intelligence Analyst

Photo de Sabrina Fontaine

Sabrina Fontaine

Content Marketing Specialist

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Shannon Delarosbil

Media Strategist

Photo de Simon Lahaie

Simon Lahaie


Photo de Simone Chénard

Simone Chénard

Project Manager

Photo de Simone Daoust

Simone Daoust

Operations and Culture Specialist

Photo de Stéphanie Pelland

Stéphanie Pelland

Strategic Development Consultant

Stéphane Hamelin_938

Stéphane Hamelin

Data platform developer


Sylvie Lalande

Director of strategy, negotiation and media buying

Victor Meyer

Victor Meyer

Data & Analytics consultant

Capture d’écran, le 2024-07-04 à 11.28.58

Vincent Grimard-Noël

Media Analyst

Photo de Yasmine El Mansouri

Yasmine El Mansouri

Media Specialist

Zacharie Legault_1151

Zacharie Legault

Management and Information Systems Technical Support Coordinator