360 media

Media technology

Strategy above all

The huge variety of ad tech available means you need advanced expertise to select and implement the right technology, and activate its full potential.

We can help you choose and operationalize the technology most suited to your business model.

Adviso doesn’t buy into technology as a magic wand, able to deliver results all on its own. That’s why we support our clients not only in the choice and implementation of their platforms, but also in creating a strategy for how those platforms will be used based on your objectives. In addition, you can rely on our experts to provide you with training so you can sustain your ad technology investments within your organization over the long term.

  • Consultation on best practices surrounding the diverse array of ad technology: DMP, DSP, Ad Server, attribution mechanisms
  • Roadmap design and tool implementation
  • Digital audience management strategy (DMP)
  • Advanced media data management strategy