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Distributing and measuring your digital assets

By helping you choose the channels best suited to your users, we can ensure that your brand is able to communicate the right messages in the right place, thereby raising your voice well above your competitor’s. We can also help you effectively measure your performance and understand the return on investment of your content marketing efforts.

Why do you need a distribution strategy?

  • To choose the right channels and publication times;
  • To measure the performance of your content activities;
  • To correct the technical flaws of your digital assets.

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SEO: Fundamentals & Techniques

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the foundation of your digital presence and influences your visibility in multiple ways. There are several types of optimizations you can use to improve your SEO.

We can provide expertise to help you:

  • Analyze all errors on existing pages;
  • Analyze your link health;
  • Analyze your risk of duplicating content;
  • Analyze the authority of your existing content;
  • Create support and operational documents for the development department.

Local SEO

Having a solid local SEO strategy can be a real asset for a brand; something that truly sets you apart. Local SEO is an offshoot of classic SEO that allows us to focus our searches around a physical address.

Here’s how we can help with local SEO:

  • Identify the factors affecting local indexing present in your industry;
  • Ensure that you are correctly represented in search engines;
  • Study current trends and queries that could present opportunities;
  • Understand the nuances of local search intentions;
  • Guide you through the optimization of your business listings (Google my business), making sure that you exploit the full range of functionalities available to promote your content;
  • Analyze your share of voice or current authority in order to create strategic links with potential partners.

SEO for site migration and redesigns

A redesign of your website is an incredible opportunity to innovate and reinvent yourself. But remember that it’s essential to take into account the elements that contributed to your authority on the web in the first place, and to understand your strengths so you don’t end up leaving them by the wayside during your migration.

We can provide our expertise to help you:

  • Take stock of the entirety of your existing organic performance;
  • Set up your future environment through close support from the development team;
  • Ensure a successful post-migration phase by creating a technical checklist of priority elements;
  • Move easily from your old environment to your new environment by creating a detailed, workable redirection plan;
  • By closely monitoring your content creation efforts, ensuring that there is an SEO correction phase for the wireframes of the new site;
  • With post-migration monitoring in order to isolate potential bugs and errors, thus protecting you from a potentially significant drop in organic traffic.

Measuring the performance of your assets

To allow you to measure the ROI of your content marketing efforts, we can help you set up decision-support tools:

  • Personalized Data Studio reports;
  • In-depth analyses of your performance;
  • Identify insights to allow you to make informed decisions.


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