Case study

Cirque du Soleil

100 +
campaigns planned and managed for shows on 3 continents
3000 %
ROI* of 1500% to 3000% on all our campaigns
+20 %
+5% to 20% above conversion objectives for all our campaigns

Find out how we did it

Adviso successfully deployed an arsenal of digital strategies and tactics in a complex, changing, and competitive environment with results that surpassed even the ambitious objectives set by the Cirque, from one creation and market to the next.
Jean-François Renaud
partner and cofounder, Adviso

Planning and managing hundreds of international digital campaigns

Since 2014, Adviso has been regularly mandated by Cirque du Soleil to execute strategic planning and digital campaign management missions for its various shows across Canada and the United States, as well as in Europe and Australia. Over the years, Adviso has contributed to the success of hundreds of campaigns for these shows, whether they be arena shows, under the big top, or even a resident show in Las Vegas. These campaigns needed to simultaneously promote the existence of the show, strengthen brand equity and meet ticket sales objectives.

* ROI is calculated in ROAS (Return on Ad Spent) held between 1500% and 3000% in all cities despite the significant incremental investment in digital brand awareness and diversity of investments.

Challenges related to the project

Cirque had never invested significant parts of its digital budget into brand equity positioning;
Working with an internal structures that didn’t allow for investing in a market before a show was announced, so it wasn’t possible to prepare relevant audiences for the show’s arrival;
Maintaining ticket sales performance, which could not slow down or diminish despite significant incremental investment in digital brand awareness and diversity of placements;
Adapting more than a hundred strategies deployed and executed in 2016 to the realities and cultural context of local markets.

Strategies deployed by Adviso

Well-thought out digital awareness strategies that align with performance strategies, thereby laying the groundwork for subsequent performance-based campaigns;
High-impact creative formats in combination with placements on innovative and unusual digital channels that embody the creative nature of Cirque du Soleil (Smart TV, Cube 3D, interactive homepage takeover, etc.);
Data recovery agreements for high-impact formats to enlarge audience pools and improve the performance of remarketing efforts among more qualified audiences;
Leverage the centralization of lessons learned through past campaigns to be able to quickly set up best practices and reach, even surpass, initial objectives.

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