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With digital marketing, the possibilities are practically endless. Between managing your website, your social networks, your databases and your media investments, it can sometimes be hard to know what you should do next.

Establishing a vision of digital that takes all your digital properties plus your organizational reality into account will allow you to invest strategically and reach your customers all through their customer journey.

Our approach to digital strategy development is as follows:

  • Every mandate starts with an audit of your digital ecosystem. Using best practices, a competitive analysis as well as market and industry research, we are able to identify opportunities and optimizations for your existing assets, while starting the process of strategic reflection.
  • Next, we help you define your target market and their customer journey. Using a mix of user research methods, we find target customers with the most potential to help reach your business goals. Once they’ve been identified, we will develop customer journeys to enhance your understanding of your users’ needs.
  • Finally, short-, medium- and long-term strategic recommendations will be developed for all your digital properties. These recommendations, concrete and achievable within your organizational context, will be aligned with the stages of the customer journey.

Using a collaborative and concrete methodology, Adviso has the know-how to guide you through the development of a digital strategy that will allow you to reach your business goals while meeting your customers’ needs. Your digital ecosystem will never deliver so many results!


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