Customer Experience (CX)

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Efficiently convert your website visitors

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is an approach that aims to encourage users to take an action when they visit a website. By testing different versions of pages or page elements, a company is able to adapt to its users, offering more relevant content and improving the performance of its digital ecosystem.

Attracting visitors to your website is one thing, getting them to then make a purchase or sign up is something else. With a team of digital media experts, it’s easy to identify and reach the most relevant audiences for your business needs. But be careful not to forget to also optimize the page or site that comes after the user clicks on your ad! It’s the best way to get the most of your site traffic, and improve the performance of your marketing initiatives in general.

Using a methodical and iterative approach, we are able to continually optimize any digital platform with the goal of improving its performance.

Our testing protocols will allow you to confirm or refute hypotheses by testing them in real time with real consumers.

  • Measure and analyze traffic and behaviour on your platforms;
  • Identify insights and develop optimization hypotheses;
  • Deploy testing activities (A/B and multivariate tests, personalization, etc.);
  • Evaluate performance and iterations.