Analytics & Data Science

From raw data to actionable insights

At Adviso, we know that data can be an important vector for growth and differentiation for our clients. When it is used properly, it helps support the definition of high-performance strategies, the analysis of your competitive environment, the visualization of relevant performance indicators and the generation of useful insights.

Data must allow you to prioritize and increase the effectiveness of your various marketing levers to more quickly and more efficiently reach your targets. It is therefore important to be able to count on a team of marketing analytics and data science specialists to unlock the full potential of your data.

Solutions adapted to your context

To ensure the full value of your data is unlocked, it’s important that the solutions developed are adapted to your specific context and linked to your business objectives. This will allow us to deliver concrete results that are aligned with your business priorities.

We also take into account your current analytics maturity level so that we can join you wherever you are in your analytics journey. This enables us to work with you to define a long-term vision and clear stages that will allow you to move on to the next maturity level.

Our methodology takes advantage of the best talent and technology to build tailored solutions that allow you to react more quickly and with greater intelligence.

Here are a few benefits of our approach:

  • a better understanding of the interests, needs and behaviours of your customers to improve their satisfaction and increase their loyalty;
  • an analysis of the performance of your current initiatives;
  • guidance on your future marketing decisions (support for both your decisions as well as the prioritization of different marketing initiatives within a given period);
  • improved performance of your marketing operations (reduction in new customer acquisition cost, reduction in the number of errors in your marketing operations, etc.).