Digital strategy News Adviso unveils three new faces as part of its succession team

Adviso unveils three new faces as part of its succession team


In September 2021, Adviso kicked off its business succession program with the nomination of Elizabeth Henry as CEO.

Today, the firm proudly unveils three new faces as part of its succession plan. Adviso is happy to give a warm welcome to Amélie Morin-Godard, Francis Devoy and Philippe Boutin-Lizotte as partners of the company.

This internal transition crystallizes Adviso’s desire to maintain its independence and its stake in Quebec, as well as being part of the company’s goal for long-term continuity.

It’s astonishing to think I arrived at Adviso eight years ago with hardly any experience in digital and that today I’m taking the leap into being part of the company’s succession. The aspect of my journey that makes me feel proud is not just having contributed tangibly to the company’s evolution, but that I can contribute so much more for the future!” – Amélie Morin-Godard, Senior Director of Operations, Partner


“Arriving at Adviso eight years ago, right away I was impressed by the warm welcome people gave me and their passion for sharing their knowledge. After a few years, it was my turn to share my knowledge and to take on stimulating challenges that have allowed me to grow as a person. Today I’m starting a new adventure and I’m very happy to continue working with a team of experts that are just as passionate and impressive.” – Francis Devoy, Senior Director of Digital Media, Partner


“Today’s announcement confirms that effort and hard work can be rewarded. If you had told me when I first arrived at Adviso as a media planner that I’d be part of the next generation of leadership, I wouldn’t have believed it. These eight years have gone by lightning-fast, full of challenges, changes, fun, learning and evolution. We really have everything we need to make Adviso a successful company that continues to carry forward its values into each new day, for both its clients and its employees.” – Philippe Boutin-Lizotte, Client Services Director, Partner

These three talented individuals have already been evolving within the company for eight years. Naturally they’ve all climbed the ranks by exemplifying our values and acting as examples for their co-workers on a daily basis. I’ve been lucky to have them directly reporting to me for the past four years and to have a front-row seat on their education, constant effort and successes. Let me tell you, I’m really proud of them and happy to have them officially with us for the years to come!” – Elizabeth Henry, CEO