Digital strategy News Adviso announces its business succession process and names Elizabeth Henry as CEO

Adviso announces its business succession process and names Elizabeth Henry as CEO

  Today Adviso makes public its business succession process, an internal transition first started a few years ago. The process affirms Adviso’s desire to stay independent and its intention to remain in Quebec, as well as being part of the company’s long-term continuity objective. Elizabeth Henry is taking over the role of CEO and shareholder, passed on to her by Simon Lamarche. Formerly managing director at Adviso and a member of the management committee for five years, Elizabeth has close to 20 years of experience in digital and relational marketing, including 10 years at agencies such as Sid Lee and Y&R. On the client side, she notably led the strategy and launch of the SAQ’s Inspire program as marketing and IT manager. Her business sense and wide experience make her a seasoned manager who mobilizes teams through passion and leadership.
“One of my biggest dreams as an entrepreneur was to establish the next generation that would ensure we remained a Quebec firm. Now it’s time to give them room to create Adviso’s future.” –Simon Lamarche, shareholder and co-founder of Adviso
Elizabeth’s nomination and her acquisition of shares marks the official kick-off of the internal succession program, in which several employees will be invited to participate in the coming weeks. It also marks a new growth period for the 100-employee company, which recently welcomed new members to its management committee, particularly in human resources and finance.
“We definitely have everything we need to create the company’s future: talent and a strong, unique culture as well as the invaluable trust of our clients. We’re going to evolve and diversify our service offering in the coming years in order to open up other markets and proactively address our clients’ business needs.” –Elizabeth Henry, CEO of Adviso
This new structure allows Simon Lamarche to step away from his managerial functions with confidence so he can devote his time to personal projects. He will remain a major shareholder and retain his seat on the board of directors. Jean-François Renaud, president, shareholder and co-founder, will continue to oversee the company’s expansion, growing influence and management alongside Elizabeth.