Digital Transformation


Looking beyond e-commerce

Companies that decide to sell online know the extent to which the path to e-commerce can be full of questions that touch on the very nature of their business. Adding transactional functionality to a website can be done quickly with the right technology, but there’s no guarantee that the initiative will bring in significant revenue, let alone profit. The simple act of adopting a new sales channel brings its fair share of challenges, but the real difference-maker for the future of companies online is how their businesses transform as a result. In other words, does digital:

  • Introduce new competitors? How do you differentiate yourself?
  • Allow you to access new markets?
  • Allow you to sell new products or services?
  • Require you to revisit your structure or finances?
  • Force the company to rethink its business model?

If the benefits of e-commerce no longer need to be proven from a marketing, sales or customer service standpoint, we believe that the biggest potential gains are hiding behind the different ways of managing procurement and operations that e-commerce makes possible. Essentially, operations related to e-commerce can be very different from operations in a traditional store, though the latter carries its own set of challenges and opportunities.

In evaluating the demands of the online market, as well as the opportunities offered by current technology, our team can understand an organization’s ambitions, help managers formulate an inspiring and realistic vision, as well as design the initiatives that will allow them to implement that vision. For example:

  • Defining an adapted infrastructure and selecting a platform(s)
  • Governance, setting up a digital team, review of the organizational structure and skill development
  • Improving marketing, sales and service, as well as related processes
  • Managing multichannel offerings, product information (PIM) and pricing
  • Managing inventory, logistics and operations

Accustomed to the complex environments inhabited by many departments and suppliers, our team contributes to the digital transformation of the entire organization by working with existing structures so that everyone can benefit from the advantages digital has to offer.