Digital Transformation

Emerging models

Innovating today to plan for the needs of tomorrow

Digital channels are forcing business models to evolve more rapidly and encourages the transformation of the value proposition. Consequently, businesses can reach previously inaccessible customers, and meet the needs of the customers of tomorrow.

Working as much with entrepreneurs or senior executives of established companies with a unique idea to develop, we approach the implementation of a new model as a company-wide project that touches every sphere of the organization, from finance to technology, marketing to change management. In doing so, we help businesses respond to the existential questions they will face when reinventing their business model, like:

  • How can you increase the value of the company for shareholders, customers and employees?
  • Should your products become services or vice-versa? Sales, rental or membership?
  • How can you reach new customers (regions, specialties, etc.)? B2C or B2B?
  • What products or services are the most promising? Should you abandon any of your activities?
  • Do you have the right partners? How can you work together better?
  • How can you organize a digital shift in a company with established ways of doing things?
  • Should you take a step-by-step approach, or make a radical change?
  • Who needs to be mobilized internally to undertake a digital transformation, and how?

Within this context, we help companies reinvent their business model, whether it’s by participating in the creation of new services, new products or by coming up with new mechanisms for monetization. We develop processes in the aim of providing companies with a new model that, eventually, will allow them to perform at a high level, and be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

Our approach is aimed at understanding the company, its ambitions, and the market within which it evolved, so we can create a recipe that will allow it to meet its goals.

We also help companies carry out projects related to the implementation of their new model. These projects might include:

  • Putting the new business model in place
  • Transforming processes
  • Developing or adopting technology
  • A different and innovative way of promoting your offering and putting it in-market
  • Hiring and integrating new staff

We believe that if digital is really going to make a difference, it needs to work with all the other areas of the company. That’s why we always approach these projects in an inter-disciplinary way.