Digital Transformation

Lead generation

Spark the conversations your business wishes for

Some products are more difficult to sell online. They might require a higher level of personalization, or maybe the industry is subject to more traditional purchase processes. However, even the most manual processes can exploit the potential of digital.

Whether it’s by facilitating requests for information, introducing aids to limit potential errors, or by offering value-added services to increase retention, digital forces a reconsideration of how things are done and could become a major competitive advantage, as long as you ask the right questions:

  • How can you maximize the number of qualified requests that come in to the sales team?
  • Who are your most promising customers and how can you satisfy them online?
  • Which activities lend themselves most easily to automation?
  • How can you relay the right requests to the sales team and align your incentives with the contribution of digital?
  • Can digital help to deliver products or services?
  • Do high-value customers need access to a platform that will support them throughout the business relationship?
  • Are there moments of truth that require closer follow-up?

As the search for information expands across multiple channels, people trying to make decisions need to be able to find all the information they need. If competitors are more dynamic and transparent, users will find them more accessible. Companies that don’t react, risk seeing their value drop.

While expectations in terms of customer experience and service are ever increasing, customers still want to keep control of the relationship. Our structured approach provides companies with the strategy and support they need to deal with this, by:

  • Identifying the relevant platforms and channels
  • Creating and reengineering services to meet the needs of the customer
  • Improving marketing, sales and service, as well as related processes
  • Defining operations processes on different channels
  • Governance, review of the organizational structure and skill development

Lead generation has always been present in the strategies our team develops for our clients. Because we know that every industry and every company has unique challenges, we make a point of getting an in-depth understanding of your business issues so that we can propose an innovative, effective approach.