Digital Transformation

Content creation and distribution

Your content is worth more than you think

Companies that create value by distributing content are well aware that digital is turning their businesses upside-down. The dematerialization of content opens up the possibility of accelerating growth to an infinite degree, but it also puts the value proposition at risk.

Going paperless raises questions about the entire business model and its viability. From access to content, to displaying ads, to introducing new sources of revenue, companies in this position need to ensure they have a solid business model that will carry them into the future. This is even more essential because the competition now comes from all over the planet, and includes organizations never before thought of as competitors that might spring up from within totally different industries.

In this context, many questions come to mind:

  • Who are your clients? How can you reach them?
  • How can you use content to generate revenue?
  • Should you display ads? Who will you display them to, and how will you sell them? What is the value of your audience data?
  • How much of your content is freely accessible?
  • What access model do you use (open access, hard paywall, metered paywall, lead-in, premium content, hybrid, etc.)?
  • What will the impact be on existing platforms and visitors?

We take a structured approach that allows us to identify the main benefits and repercussions so we can help organizations make choices that will allow them to thrive into the future. Once these opportunities and threats have been determined, our team will be able to identify the scenario that will lead to the most effective results, and provide implementation support through activities like:

  • Defining a value proposition and digital business model
  • Helping establish access rules or pricing grids
  • User experience design
  • Defining an adapted infrastructure and selecting a platform(s)
  • Implementing the new model (access, ads, etc.)
  • Optimization of the new business model to maximize results
  • Governance, review of the organizational structure and skill development

Having worked with content providers, portals, intermediaries and advertisers over the past ten years, our team has a solid understanding of the issues and knows that a universal model cannot be applied to all situations.