Digital strategy News The entrepreneurial succession continues: Simon Éthier becomes a partner

The entrepreneurial succession continues: Simon Éthier becomes a partner

Two years ago, we launched our entrepreneurial succession program. The project is still ongoing, and today we are proud to announce the appointment of a fourth successor: Simon Éthier.

« At adviso since 2007, Simon is undeniably ingrained in our history. With exceptional motivation, we officially welcome him into the company's ownership, recognizing the essential contribution he reserves for our future. »

-  Elizabeth Henry, CEO, adviso

All of us at adviso agree that Simon has the most inquisitive intellect of anyone we know. For the past 16 years, his interest in a multitude of subjects has allowed him to accumulate expertise and in-depth knowledge in marketing, e-commerce, technology, finance, operations, logistics, automation, human resources, and consumers—invaluable assets for adviso and our clients. He skilfully combines his knowledge with experience, making him a key player in the digital transformation of clients such as DeSerres, Deschesnes, Mondou, and Cascades. His passion and generosity have also led him to give numerous talks and training sessions within the industry.

As an executive consultant and now as a partner, he will play a key role in accelerating our evolution as we transition from being a digital agency to becoming a key l firm offering strategic expertise that leverages data to help business leaders optimize and personalize customer relationships and experiences, from acquisition through to loyalty.

Our business consulting service, including the R3 marketing team of which he is a part, allows us to have even more impact, and this is just the beginning.

Congratulations, Simon!

The adviso Team