Digital strategy News Introducing the new kids on the block

Introducing the new kids on the block

19 September 2018


Finding good talent is never easy, especially when one of the positions you’re recruiting for is a person to lead your recruiting efforts! #TrueStory It makes finding strong talent that will be able to grow with the company even more complex. But at Adviso, we never hesitate to redouble our efforts to uncover these uniquely talented individuals. Over the last few months, we’ve had the chance to see a slew of new talent join our ranks, as varied as they are exceptional. The team is very excited to introduce them to you!  

Pictured from left to right: Antoine Gravet, Sébastien Tremblay, Vinicius Araujo, Émile Chebab, Jérémie Lévi, Meryem Abou El Bal, Jonathan Lemay, Sébastien Neveu, Charbel Farah, Nicolas Duval, Laurent Roumieux and François Mouchet.

A recruit who knows how to recruit

Antoine Gravet has the pleasure of joining the amazing Adviso team as a talent acquisition specialist, on the lookout for future Advisians. With six years experience in recruiting for various structures ranging from digital startups to major international companies, he has always preferred smaller organizations with a focus on expertise, and teams committed to pushing their limits and working collaboratively. Definitely a team player, curious and passionate about human relations and a lover of music, wine and beer, he loves any activity that brings people together and involves taking on a challenge.

Major growth in content marketing

Jonathan Lemay joins Adviso as Practice lead, Brand and content. He was previously part of the strategy team at Cossette and, more recently, held the role of content strategist at the PR agency National. His agency experience allowed him to work with several national and international brands, both in North America and Europe.

Nicolas Duval joins the Adviso team as SEO strategist. Before his arrival, he held the role of SEO/SEM specialist at Groupe Dynamite for nearly two years. Pragmatic and logical, he combines his expertise in advanced technical optimization with a data-driven approach, to deliver the best return on investment.

Adviso welcomes Emile Chehab as an SEO content marketing specialist. In the past, he worked doing SEO for a small agency for nearly two years. Passionate about digital marketing, Emile is particularly interested in the technical aspects of SEO and web strategy.

Sébastien Neveu comes to Adviso as Practice lead, SEO and content. Formerly, he was Digital marketing and acquisition manager at Obox media (, Trois fois par jour…) and before that, head of the Earned Media department at Iprospect Canada. His goal is to keep Adviso on the cutting edge of SEO, while developing new services and interdepartmental synergies.

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The expansion of customer experience

Sébastien Tremblay joins the team as head of the customer experience team at Adviso. After founding his own web strategy company in 2009, where he worked as an inbound marketing and automation specialist, he joined the HubSpot (marketing automation software) partner program, allowing his agency to earn the title Platinum Partner. He knows how to combine the strategic and tactical sides of digital to arrive at practical recommendations, whether it’s to attract, engage or convert visitors.

Meryem Abou El Bal comes to the Adviso team as a customer experience specialist. With a Master’s in Innovative Project Management from the Neoma Business School, she built her career primarily at Groupon (in France and Quebec). During those years she developed expertise in strategic marketing (B2B and B2C) as it applies to the web and an incontrovertible love of new technology.  

With ten years experience in France and Quebec, Jérémie Lévi knows how to marry efficiency and aesthetics in his work as Senior UX/UI designer at Adviso. He makes it a point of pride to offer users the best experience possible, while continuing to meet business needs, all with a touch of magic. He also happens to take beautiful pictures. You might say he has more than one trick up his sleeve.

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An unparalleled understanding of the client

Charbel Farah joins Adviso’s ranks as Account director. Having worked for more than 10 years as much on the client side as on the agency and media side, he has successfully overcome the types of obstacles that all these roles face, giving him an understanding of where all the stakeholders involved in his projects are coming from. This experience, along with an infectious level of motivation, make him an essential asset, pushing Adviso’s teams to constantly go farther.

Strategic hires in digital media

Chérine Benyakhou joins the Adviso team as Digital media campaign manager. Her experience has allowed her to deploy cross-channel performance and acquisition strategies in international markets. Chérine managed a significant portfolio of clients in the fields of retail, tourism, large-scale distribution and banking/insurance. Today her interest is in innovative strategy and SEM beta testing, in order to offer technical and innovative expertise to each client.  

Adviso welcomes Laurent Roumieu as a digital media strategist. Since his arrival in Canada in 2011, he has proven himself at Revolver3, Zenith Optimédia (Groupe Publicis – Performix), DAC and Dentsu (360i), each time as an SEM analyst and performance media specialist. Over the last few years, he has served clients including Lexus, Toyota, Toys’R’Us, Nespresso, l’Oréal, Intact Assurance, H&R Block and Ubisoft. He combines a strong sense of analysis with in-depth expertise in digital marketing (with core skills in SEM) in order to offer the best in digital strategy.

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Years of experience in project management

Vinicius Araujo arrives at Adviso as a project coordinator. A civil engineer by trade, he found his true passion in project management. As a result, Vinicius brings 11 years experience leading projects in construction, IT, and publications and events, for the UN and other private companies. A certified PMP since 2014, he is excited to join our team and have the opportunity to work on digital marketing projects, which represents a whole new challenge in his career.

François Mouchet joins the Adviso team as a project manager. Working as a facilitator, his strengths are in his ability to listen, and his versatility. After getting his start at Rogers Digital Media as a developer, he participated heavily in growing advertising on the La Presse+ platform by creating value-added tools for its teams for five years. François continued his journey at lg2, producing digital ad content for clients like Bell, Hydro Québec and Desjardins. Before his arrival at Adviso, his time at DentsuBos allowed him to work on projects for Fujifilm, eBox and Desjardins. A tech-lover, he has contributed to numerous projects, as much in advertising as digital.


We are glad to be able to count on such talents. Welcome Aboard!