Digital strategy News GOMAC: Adviso awards a grant of $2,500 to ESG students

GOMAC: Adviso awards a grant of $2,500 to ESG students

Adviso is proud to award a grant of $2,500 to the ESG team that obtained the best overall score in the Global Online Marketing Academic Challenge (GOMAC). The deserving team, composed of Nicolas Gendron, Joane Hazou and Oussama Bouharkat, distinguished themselves at an international level with their digital marketing project for Quebec company Robin Des Bois.

GOMAC is an international student contest in which teams compete in the creation, execution, optimization and generation of campaign reports on digital advertising platforms. This contest provides a unique learning experience to students, enabling them to move from theory to practice and receive early experience in digital campaign management for real clients.

“The academic training in digital marketing is not at all easy, because the field is in constant evolution. We believe it’s our duty to encourage the next generation, who can stand out from the crowd through extra-curricular activities like GOMAC. Adviso is the first agency to provide this kind of scholarship to GOMAC and we’re really proud of it!”

–        Jean-François Renaud, Partner and Co-founder, Adviso

Since its creation in 2002, Adviso has been constantly involved in Quebec’s university-level institutions. Adviso’s teaching staff, currently composed of four lecturers at HEC Montréal, continues to grow at the same pace as the company itself.

“Adviso is a valued partner that has been collaborating in the training of ESG students for many years. Their team has always been very involved and generous with their time. Several of my graduates work there. Now they’re contributing in turn to training the next generation of digital marketing experts.”

–       Harold Boeck, Marketing Professor, ESG UQAM