Digital strategy News BrainBox AI hires Adviso to drive its international growth

BrainBox AI hires Adviso to drive its international growth

Adviso is very proud to announce its recent partnership with Quebec company BrainBox AI. As part of their collaboration, Adviso will guide the company through its international expansion by defining and operationalizing a digital strategy that aims to maximize the company’s recognition and acquisition of leads.

BrainBox AI develops and distributes an AI-based technology that enables a drastic reduction in the energy expenses of buildings by optimizing their HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems. The technology enables the company to pursue its mission to combat climate change by attacking one of the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions: buildings.

This advance has earned the company the honour of being one of only 10 companies worldwide (and the only Canadian company!) invited to present their innovations as part of the Tech for Our Planet program at COP26.

“Adviso never stops exceeding our expectations. Their expertise, proactive approach and attention to detail have enabled us to optimize our digital strategy and deploy super-targeted media campaigns that have delivered major insights. Plus, the team has displayed leadership and a passion for everything to do with marketing. It’s truly a pleasure and an advantage to collaborate with Adviso.” – Geneviève Jacovella Rémillard, Digital Strategist, BrainBox AI

“It’s a privilege to be able to guide a team that’s as dynamic and passionate as the one at BrainBox AI, in addition to supporting them in an environmental mission that’s also so important to us.” – Jean-Christophe Bouchot, Director of Strategic Development, Adviso