Digital strategy News Experiencing Lune Rouge's Pyramid PY1 in Montreal

Experiencing Lune Rouge's Pyramid PY1 in Montreal

Our 5 to 7 on Thursday, June 13th was nothing out of the ordinary. Yesterday, 75 Advisians boarded the 30 bus on St-Denis, direction PY1, in the Old Port. PY-what?

Photo Credits: RENROB


PY1 is first of all a structure, a modular nomadic pyramid. This is Guy Laliberté’s new project with the Red Moon Entertainment division, with whom we are very excited to work!

Photo Credit: RENROB


Inside, there are multi-sensory experiences taking the form of multimedia shows during the day, and thematic parties after the sunset.

The immersive show we attended, “Through the Echoes”, tells in sound and light the evolution of the world, from the Big Bang to today, inspired by the philosopher Alan Watts.

Photo Credit: RENROB


Everyone in the office agrees that the experience was unique. And since we don’t do things halfway, Jean-Christophe Bouchot, from our strategic development team, had prepared a surprise for us for the next part of the trip at the magnificent restaurant in the Old Port, Jacopo.

We had the pleasure of gathering together after, while learning more about the universe and technological management of this immense project, as well as the vision of the show’s creators.

In this video, Jean Guibert, Creative Director at Lune Rouge Entertainment, explains the mandate of Lune Rouge Entertainment and PY1.


Aren’t you curious to go see yourself? Get your tickets here!