Digital strategy News The secret is in the sauce

The secret is in the sauce

No matter what the domain, solid teamwork is not just a matter of the team’s expertise, but also the diversity of talent it represents. It’s like tomato saucethe best is always made with a wide variety of high-quality ingredients! In barely three months, the customer experience, marketing, accounting, analytics, content and project management departments have welcomed a wealth of new talent to enrich the Adviso team. Here’s a bit more info about them!

In order, from left to right.

Martin Champagne, Marketing Analytics Developer

An IT graduate, Martin worked for several years as a programmer analyst for a popular dating site in Quebec and France. He then pivoted to consulting, offering a wide range of services such as programming, web site hosting, network management and technical support. Martin joined Adviso as a freelance full-stack programmer last May.

Édouard Bourque-Trudeau, Customer Experience Specialist

With a bachelor’s in business administration and a master’s in e-commerce from HEC Montréal, Édouard began his career as a digital analyst at Yellow Pages Group. With a strong interest in UX and data analysis, he has been developing his Adviso team since January and drawing on his professional experience while devoting himself to web optimization.

Laurence Pressault, Marketing and Communications Specialist

With a bachelor’s in marketing communication from UQÀM, Laurence has over six years of experience in areas such as content creation, advertising, strategy and even recruiting. Since February she has been actively contributing to promoting the Adviso brand through several marketing projects highlighting our talented team.

Marion Dewaele, Project Coordinator

After co-founding a Montreal-made mobile app in the domain of sustainable development, Marion joined the Adviso project management team last January. Her experience has enabled her to build solid expertise in the management of complex digital projects. Her drive, curiosity and instinctive understanding of the digital realm have allowed her to guide clients through a range of different projects.

Louis Théorêt, Content Marketing Analyst (SEO)

After his university studies in business administration, Louis began his career as an SEO account coordinator. After his arrival at Adviso last May, he has worked to combine his conscientiousness with his love of learning in order to bring his “A” game to every project he works on.

Carla Valdés, Accounts Payable Clerk

After almost seven years spent in sales and the wholesale business, Carla joined the Adviso team in the Accounting department this past April, thus marking a change in career that will allow her to combine her passion for numbers with her experience in customer service.

Be sure to give them all a warm welcome!

Pssst. Our digital media team had a huge growth too! Stay tuned, we’ll introduce the new members soon.