Digital strategy News NUMIX 2020: Adviso among the nominees

NUMIX 2020: Adviso among the nominees

15 June 2020

Adviso was recently selected as a 2020 NUMIX finalist in the category of Corporate Communications and Marketing – Brand Content for its client, National Bank. This category recognizes content designed to promote a brand, uniquely developed for digital platforms.

In partnership with URBANIA, Adviso participated in the creation of Quatre95, a brand new platform created to talk money, from those who manage it, to those who are looking for it, to those who’ve found it in unconventional places.

Concretely, Adviso’s role is to build awareness of the National Bank through brand content campaigns, to reach as many young adults in Quebec as possible. The winner of the NUMIX award will be announced between June 15 and 18 during the virtual awards presentation. If you’d like to see the nominees from every category, you’ll find them here