Digital strategy News New talent joins Adviso

New talent joins Adviso

05 December 2021

Recent months have seen the arrival of many new people at Adviso! And so it’s with great pleasure that we’d like to welcome these new colleagues as they become part of a number of different departments and teams.

Célia Delourme

Analyst, SEO and Content Marketing

With a bachelor’s in marketing from the EDHEC Business School in France, Célia began her career a year and a half ago in B2B marketing, working on projects such as redesigning websites and analyzing performance. Célia also gained experience in content marketing while managing an e-commerce site. Joining the team at Adviso is an opportunity for her to combine her interest in the technical analysis of SEO data with her creative spirit.

Chantal Morissette

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Holding a BAA in human resource management and a DEC in special education, Chantal started her career in the field of intervention. She then gained experience in HR in areas such as contracts (recruiting) as well as in committee work (union executive or BoD), where she was able to quickly build relationships based on trust. Committed, welcoming and compassionate, Chantal has a deep understanding of and experience with people, which makes her a discerning talent acquisition specialist that’s very much in keeping with Adviso’s core values.

Guillaume Wagner

Team Leader, Analytic Marketing

Guillaume spent ten years working on issues relating to growth development, analysis and data management, as well as the development and launch of web and mobile products. He brings with him an approach that’s been highly inspired by design thinking in order to tackle our clients’ biggest challenges.

Laura Winter

Analyst, Digital Media

After receiving a bachelor’s in marketing from EDHEC Business School in France, Laura joined Montreal firm Potloc as an acquisition specialist, a position she held for a year and a half. Her experience there allowed her to deepen her understanding of the fields of both marketing and surveys. In particular, she notably managed hundreds of advertising campaigns, mainly paid campaigns on social media, for both B2B and B2C, in order to ensure responses were collected from a range of surveys for her clients. Joining Adviso will be an opportunity for her to master new advertising channels, widen her horizons and develop her skills further.

Léa Dupont

Analyst, SEO and Content Marketing

After obtaining a bachelor’s in business administration (with a specialization in information technology and marketing), Léa began her career as an assistant strategist at a media agency. This position allowed her to acquire skills in marketing campaign management and to become familiar with the world of advertising. Her desire to specialize in digital led to her interest in UX, SEO and content marketing.

Marie Lainé

Specialist, Display and Social Media

After obtaining a master’s in marketing communication at Université de Sherbrooke, Marie decided to orient her career towards the media universe. Her years spent in-agency allowed her to acquire solid expertise in digital campaign management. Her career also led her to develop solid skills in data visualization as well as media planning.

Maxime Philippon

CRM Strategist

Passionate about marketing creativity and the use of data, Maxime received his education in various marketing trades at a number of Paris agencies as well as on the client side before relocating to Montreal and specializing in email marketing and marketing automation. His desire to inspire brands to better understand and serve their audiences knows no bounds. He spends each day putting his experience in 360 marketing to work to create digital experiences that generate value for consumers and companies.

Peter Magal

CRO Strategist

The holder of a master’s in marketing and digital strategy, and with over eight years of experience in digital marketing, Peter spent the past few years in France at a rapidly growing digital firm, where he was able to develop strategies in acquisition and conversion optimization. Guided by performance, he combines data with user behaviour to offer an optimized, personalized web experience.

Pier-Luc Daoust

Integrator, Analytic Marketing

After gaining over five years of experience in managing manufacturing companies, Pier-Luc was eager to take on new challenges, which led to his interest in digital. His technical skills and expertise in administration are important assets when it comes to digital performance analysis.

Serge Hamel

Integrator, Analytic Marketing

After having worked at a small IT company with approximately ten employees for over five years, Serge decided to switch to the field of digital. His professional experience complements his desire to always do more than strictly required. The holder of an intensive DEC in web development and software from John Abbott College, he’s eager to use the skills he’s acquired during his education in the service of Adviso’s clients.