Digital strategy News Nature’s Touch has chosen Adviso as its partner for upcoming digital marketing initiatives

Nature’s Touch has chosen Adviso as its partner for upcoming digital marketing initiatives

12 July 2018

Nature’s Touch is an international-calibre Quebec company that offers customers superior-quality frozen fruit, just like nature intended!

Natures Touch carefully selects its international fruit producers and establishes sustainable partnerships with them, allowing the company to offer customers the best fruit, which is frozen to conserve its full flavour and nutrients. The  company’s products are available under the brand names Nature’s Touch and Welch’s in Canada, the United States, Asia and Australia.

Their desire to develop sustainable partnerships has led Nature’s Touch to choose Adviso as its partner in optimizing its digital ecosystem.

As part of its collaboration with Nature’s Touch, Adviso will offer its expertise and guidance in digital strategic marketing (Content Marketing, Customer Experience and Digital Media). Our collaboration in these areas will enable Nature’s Touch to:

  • respond optimally to its customers’ needs and expectations;
  • assist in the attainment of business and marketing objectives resulting from the above needs and expectations;
  • build sustainable digital assets.

We’re very proud to embark on a collaboration with Nature’s Touch in order to help the company use digital as a major driver for growth. We’re very happy to work with the Nature’s Touch team, who in addition to having expertise and being engaged in the company’s success, are very open to new ideas that will enable them to be even more effective in their digital marketing initiatives.

Jean-Christophe Bouchot, Strategic Development Specialist, Adviso

The Adviso team invites you to try delicious Nature’s Touch products. In addition to conventional fruit, they have a range of organic fruit that has been tested for pesticide residues!