Digital strategy News Mondou entrusts Adviso with relationship marketing mandate

Mondou entrusts Adviso with relationship marketing mandate

Mondou, the uncontested leader of Quebec’s pet sector, has chosen Adviso as a partner in optimizing its relationship marketing strategy, in particular to help it evolve its loyalty program Club Câlin.

For over eight years, Club Câlin has been fostering the loyalty of pet parents by offering them a number of advantages, such as cash rewards. Given its expertise in relationship strategy and understanding of data and email programs, Adviso is ideally positioned to drive the Club Câlin program to new heights. This mandate is part of the new collaboration between R3 and Adviso and strengthens the firm’s engagement with Mondou as well as its determination to create an exceptional customer experience for animal lovers.

Intensified competition, increased expectations for customer service on the part of consumers and imminent legal changes in Quebec (specifically Law 25) are all factors that justify the optimization of Mondou’s relationship strategy. As a result of this project, Mondou will be able to adapt to these changes, consolidate the brand's relationship with customers and take full advantage of its zero- and first-party data to counteract the loss of third-party identifiers.

At Mondou, our view is that having such loyal customers is a privilege and it’s essential to always take care of them. The optimization of our loyalty program, in collaboration with the team at R3 and Adviso, guarantees added value for our members and strengthens the high level of engagement we have already developed with them.

Alexandra Forcier, Loyalty Director, Mondou

After four years of fruitful collaboration, during which time Adviso supported Mondou in the planning and deployment of its advertising, CRO, SEO and analytics initiatives, the firm is proud to be able to contribute its relationship marketing expertise to strengthen Mondou’s position as a leader in its sector when it comes to customer experience.

« One in three companies that do not currently have a customer relationship program will need one by 2027. This is the best investment that a company can make to mobilize the entirety of its value chain. It’s something Mondou already understood almost twelve years ago. We’re super motivated to be part of the team that will take the program to the next level. » 

- Elizabeth Henry, CEO, Adviso