Digital strategy News Isabel Gingras joins Adviso!

Isabel Gingras joins Adviso!

Adviso is proud to welcome Isabel Gingras as Vice President of Operations, marking a significant milestone in our company's evolution.

With nearly 30 years of experience in media, managing both local and national accounts for prominent brands such as McDonald's, Bell, Tourisme Montréal, Métro, and SAQ, Isabel brings a wealth of expertise to our team. She has held positions as VP Group, VP Business Lead, and General Manager, always with a strong commitment to the success of her clients, her teams, and the organization as a whole—a challenging balance to maintain.

Isabel is highly regarded in the industry and among clients, known for her exceptional competence and inspiring leadership. We sought to provide our talented team with her mentorship. Her holistic view of the media ecosystem, keen talent-spotting abilities, and a clear vision of our clients' evolving needs make her the perfect blend of expertise and experience.

This nomination aligns with our growth strategy, which includes optimizing our operations. Isabel is responsible for transforming our operations and processes in collaboration with our IT leadership, allowing our team members to focus on what truly matters and dedicating more time to delivering value to our clients.

In any organization, operational roles are essential, as they handle the behind-the-scenes work to bring visions and ambitions to life. We firmly believe in the importance of these roles and are confident that Isabel's addition to our team will empower us to achieve our ambitious goals in the coming years.

Elizabeth Henry, CEO, Partner