Digital strategy News Équiterre trusts us with the planning of its digital strategy!

Équiterre trusts us with the planning of its digital strategy!

15 March 2017

The Adviso Team is very proud to debut its new collaboration with Équiterre.

Considered the most important environmental group in Quebec, Équiterre contributes to build a societal movement since 1993 by inciting citizens, organizations, and governments to make ecological, sustainable, and fair choices. Équiterre proposes concrete solutions through its research, awareness, and support programs in order to protect health and environment, and to foster fairness and solidarity between citizens and populations. The organization also intervenes in the public sphere and alongside lawmakers in order to ensure that laws, rules, policies, and practices support a just and sustainable society.

We are very happy to collaborate with Équiterre, an organization admired by many employees here. It is a true pleasure to work with such a dynamic team who reflect and fight for the values that we share here at Adviso. Rethinking their digital strategy with an approach adapted to different target audiences and the organization’s business context will prioritize brand awareness, growth, and the continuation of accomplishing their noble mission

Renaud Miniaou,
Strategic Development and Marketing Strategist.


If you wish to support Équiterre, 3 simple options are offered to you:

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Équiterre. Changing the world, one act at a time!