Digital strategy News Bill C-18 : Contributing to the sustainability of local media

Bill C-18 : Contributing to the sustainability of local media

Adviso fully shares the dissatisfaction of its industry partners and colleagues and does not support the blocking of access to Canadian media content on Meta’s platform, which deprives Canadian citizens of a high quality and diverse source of information. In addition to being a problem for business, this also presents a serious social issue.

To generate growth, most Canadian companies and partnering agencies place a significant amount of their ad investments in environments that are frequented by large proportions of their target audiences and that provide access to a complete marketing funnel, from awareness through to conversion—environments such as those offered by Meta or Google.

Given this context, it is essential for Quebec media to continue their efforts towards becoming as competitive as possible. Quebec and Canadian news media play an essential role in our society and we’re proud to have supported them for many years as they have pursued transformational initiatives to sustain their ability to compete, including monetization strategies, data strategies, promotion of advertising products, selection of digital technologies and even training. These initiatives have helped evolve their business model and have had a lasting impact on their development.

To support these media entities even further, our media team has been progressively establishing tangible measures to promote the integration of Quebec and Canadian media into our activities, including:

  • a 360 media proposition that lets us integrate even more Quebec and Canadian media into our media plans;
  • a programmatic media buying structure that provides an increasing amount of space to Quebec and Canadian media, which has resulted in an IMI (“Indice média d’ici,” an indicator expressing the ratio of Canadian media) of 50% for this channel, achieved without impacting our clients’ goals;
  •  the addition of our Média d’ici policy to our operations, which maintains our knowledge of local media and their continual evolution so that we can make relevant recommendations to our clients.

We intend to continue our activities in these areas, but that won’t be enough!

For this reason, in addition to participating in the local media movement initiated by A2C, Adviso will be investing 35% of its overall ESG budget next year in helping local media build on its strengths and improve its competitiveness against the major platforms.

By harnessing our consultants’ expertise in digital strategy, media and data for the benefit of Canadian and Quebec media, we hope to spur deeper changes and have a lasting impact on our local and national media ecosystem. Our media are experiencing big changes—let’s help them adapt by being part of the solution.


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