Digital strategy News Adviso will support the Ordre des Pharmaciens du Québec in the redesign of its website

Adviso will support the Ordre des Pharmaciens du Québec in the redesign of its website

Adviso has been mandated to provide support for the redesign of the Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec website.

To support this major ongoing initiative, Adviso will guide the professional order through a rigorous process of analysis, strategic recommendations, planning and implementation, as well as assistance in selecting solutions and suppliers.

Over the past year, Adviso’s customer experience team has conducted detailed user research to understand and respond to the diverse questions of the platform’s multiple target audiences, followed by an analysis of comparables and the current market. The site’s structure has been completely rethought in order to better align with the recommended strategic direction, taking into account the legal and operational issues the Ordre must consider.

We are happy to support the Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec and proud of the strong relationship we’ve built with them over the course of two prior mandates. This platform will be an indispensable asset for the order’s long-term development, and for its mission to protect the public, which is achieved through supporting its members’ practices.  

– Èva Morin, Spécialiste stratégie numérique, Adviso

Our customer experience and group account teams are very excited to collaborate with an organization whose core mission is to protect public safety by ensuring that members of the public receive a high level of pharmaceutical service and care, and by promoting the appropriate use of drugs within our society. The Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec is one of the first professional orders to deploy this type of major digital initiative.

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