Digital strategy News Adviso is repositioning to consolidate its leadership and offer improved support to clients in their business transformations

Adviso is repositioning to consolidate its leadership and offer improved support to clients in their business transformations

Montréal, June 15, 2023 – After embarking on an entrepreneurship succession process in 2021, Adviso is today announcing a new positioning, with a more comprehensive service offering, and unveiling a new brand image to go with it. The firm is transforming from a digital agency to a go-to strategic expertise firm that leverages data to help corporate senior managers optimize and customize customer relationships and experiences, from acquisition to loyalty.

These days, data is expanding at an exponential rate. While much of it is mere distraction, some of it can make a world of difference. At Adviso, data is just the first step in the journey, the gateway to understanding issues and anticipating trends, to better guide clients in their business transformations. Its mission: find and leverage what really matters


This repositioning is the culmination of more than 20 years of experience and a well-considered process. The past two years have been pivotal in that regard, with Adviso taking concrete actions to propel its evolution and sustainability, among them appointing Elizabeth Henry as CEO, bringing in new shareholders, consolidating its 360 Media offering, acquiring relationship marketing and loyalty firm R3 Marketing, and strengthening its team of experts, now 115 strong.

“After 20 years and having achieved a certain degree of maturity, Adviso sought to add new dimensions to our service offering,” President and Co-Founder Jean-François Renaud says. “These changes reflect a spirit of continuity and are a natural evolution designed to better support and guide our clients in their business transformations.”


Ms. Henry adds: “We’re stepping onto a larger playing field, and gaining more opportunities to find and leverage what really matters. We’re shifting from services focused purely on performance and acquisition in the marketing funnel to a full-service offering that encompasses retention and loyalty, to better accompany our clients on a broader, more comprehensive and sustainable basis. By expanding the scope of our involvement and our service offering, we are consolidating our strategic position in the market, while reasserting our strengths in activation.”

Mr. Renaud concludes: “Our offering has always responded to our clients’ evolving needs, which over the years has led us to add media creativity, offline media, data science, business strategy and relationship marketing to the service mix. Adviso’s continuing mission is to be a flexible company that identifies and values the latest approaches, technologies and businesses in helping companies shape their future.”

Proudly independent

Adviso’s repositioning goes against the grain of globalization trends, reiterating the firm’s determination to safeguard its interests in Québec and its independence from the major international groups, with an eye to ensuring long-term viability and contributing to Québec’s prosperity.

“We are also firmly convinced that creativity is a potent lever for performance, and one that demands highly specialized expertise,” Ms. Henry notes. “With that in mind, we’ve decided to team up with strategic partners and work closely with our clients’ creative agencies, to maximize the success of these collaborations.”

Today’s Adviso comprises a team of seasoned talents who serve a portfolio of clients of all sizes including BNC, Cirque du Soleil, Énergir, Sépaq, OTQ, Reitmans, Mondou, BRP and Aubainerie, to name a few. Its growth has enabled it to invest 150% in its clients while maintaining its distinctive agility, remaining a human-scale firm and consistently upholding its core values: transparency, expertise, teamwork, fun and daring.

“We are showcasing the talent that has been instrumental in shaping Adviso’s evolution, and we are excited about the opportunities that our expanded field of view will bring,” Ms. Henry concludes.



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