Digital strategy News A record year for the 24h Tremblant

A record year for the 24h Tremblant

10 December 2018

It is with some muscle aches but a lot of pride that our team exceeded its donation objective of $50,000, for a total of $50,818 that will help the children of 24h Tremblant. Adviso ranked 15th in the list of multi-team donations. This amount represents a new record for Adviso, and sets the bar high for next year!

During this 2018 edition, all 3,297 participants in 387 teams enabled the organism to surpass its record set last year, with an impressive amount of $4,078,862.

We are really impressed with the fundraising performance of our athletes, but only a few words can express the pride towards our entire team which, by improving the digital strategy, has helped to increase donations to over 4 million!

– Simon Lamarche, Partner and Co-Founder, Adviso

A warm thanks to our 40 skiers, runners and walkers: Alexane Andreïs, Amélie Morin-Godard, Andréanne Achim, Annabel Dufour-Brown, Antoine Gravet, Aurélie Bailliache, Bruno Barbuio, Caroline Boulard, Catherine Gratton-Gagné, Chérine Benyakhou, Clément Hochedez, Émile Chehab, Francis Devoy, Frédéric Proulx, James Forbes, Jean-Christophe Bouchot, Jean-François Renaud, Jean-Philippe Provost, Jean-Michel Dubé, Julie Rivière, Laurence Pressault, Marc-André Le Bail, Marie-Pierre Paradis-Claes, Marion Dewaele, Maxime Louison, Meryem Abou El Bal, Nicolas Villeneuve, Olivier Houle, Pascale-Anne Giguère, Philippe Boutin-Lizotte, Pierrick Viet, Roxanne Synette, Sami Degachi, Simon Lahaie, Simon Lamarche, Simon-Pierre Scantland, Sonia Allard, Stéphanie Bouchard, Thibault Foyart and Vinicius Araujo.

And a special thanks to all our supporters who generously donated their time, money and energy to this cause that touches us so much.

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