Digital strategy News Adviso Launches Marketing Artificial Intelligence Services

Adviso Launches Marketing Artificial Intelligence Services

18 February 2020


Adviso will provide companies with customized business solutions by leveraging artificial intelligence to amplify their marketing initiatives.

After spending over three years on research and development, Adviso is now thrilled to launch its new Marketing AI service to bold clients with the desire to push the boundaries of digital.

Three products have been released so far:

  • Segment Prospector to enhance Digital Media and Client Experience projects with data-informed buyer personas;
  • NBA (Next Best Action) to enhance marketing performance decisions for specific channels like SEM or for Omnichannel marketing optimization;
  • AI Brand Perception Map to enhance brand and content marketing projects and determine key competitive brand attributes using the web and social media data.

The Marketing AI service is designed to be accessible to clients of all sizes, from larger companies with more complex projects to small and medium-size companies who just want to get their feet wet in the world of data science for marketing. 

An Omnichannel Approach to AI

Adviso plans to use this new service  to enhance the full range of its current managed services; namely, Digital Media, Content Marketing, Customer Experience (CX) and Marketing Analytics. The aim is to identify growth opportunities with the potential to help agency clients reach their marketing and business goals faster by combining human expertise with the power of data science across marketing channels.  Roger Kamena, VP of Data Science and Technology at Adviso, calls this an Omnichannel approach to Marketing AI.

Especially in the world of digital marketing, many clients are data rich, but insight poor. Data science is a great way to extract more value out of existing client data, which is often buried under costly and underutilized analytics and marketing platforms or CRM.

Roger Kamena, VP Data Science and Technology, Adviso 

The first results are convincing

With several successful first cases already complete for clients such as Nespresso Canada, who participated in the early Alpha and Beta phases of the new service, Adviso is confident of the value of its AI and data science approach

Adviso not only guided us in the integration of a DMP, the team also supported us in our activation strategy through a concrete segmentation model suited to our business reality.

Julie Pomerleau, Marketing VP, Nespresso

The AI Era

In spite of all the buzz around artificial intelligence, for many marketers, AI may seem like a far-off dream, something to consider only after dealing with a laundry  list of problems with marketing technology and analytics data. If you ask Adviso, this is a misconception, even a mistake. 

A recent study published by eMarketer revealed that acquiring data science and analytics skills will be the no. 1 focus of ad agencies worldwide in the coming years. According to Jean-François Renaud, co-founder of Adviso, “By launching these innovative solutions to the market today, our team is giving its clients the type of serious head start that not many agencies can offer.”

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