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The volume of digital marketing data never stops increasing. Marketing experts have to contend with databases that contain several terabytes or even petabytes of information arriving from several platforms simultaneously. Without a good data mining strategy, data processing becomes a serious challenge. That’s why AI and data science have increasingly become interesting solutions for many businesses.

Thanks to our expertise in digital marketing and analytics, Adviso guides marketers through the challenge of dealing with data management by offering practical solutions in artificial intelligence. Our team of data scientists work jointly with Adviso experts from a range of other domains to develop pragmatic, relevant models. The goal of these models is to automate operations, determine which customers will bring the most revenue or even reduce the effect of repetitive tasks that bring no added value.

Adviso offers solutions that use a wide range of algorithms and augmented analytic techniques, such as:

  •       Content classification and chatbots (NLP/G/U)
  •       Predictive analytics
  •       Optimization algorithms
  •       Cluster analysis
  •       Deep learning

Discover below some of our available AI marketing power-ups.


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Media Segment Prospector

The process of acquiring new customers is one of digital marketing’s greatest challenges, particularly in the context of an ad campaign. Remarketing aside, how can you know exactly which audiences to target in a Google Ads or Facebook campaign?

It seems that often, the answer can be found right in your proprietary data. With the help of thousands of attributes extracted, statistical methods and machine learning, our team composed of data scientists works with our digital media experts to identify the personas with the highest likelihood of converting, as well of those that convert the least. With help from this list of attributes, your marketing team and our digital media experts can target the most relevant audiences for your ad campaigns, in order to get the best results for cost per acquisition or return on ad investment.

AI Brand Perception Map

Artificial Intelligence for Digital Media

How do you know if your content strategy is influencing your brand perception in the right way? How can you know how your brand perception is evolving over time without having to constantly conduct costly surveys? How do you statistically measure the impact of your public relations, content and brand marketing efforts on the perception of brand attributes?

The AI Brand Perception Map is designed to help you answer these questions using Big Data from social media, digital news, blogs and YouTube. Through the use of text analytics and NLP (Natural Language Processing) techniques, our data science team extracts any content mentioning your brand, from anywhere on the web.

Next Best Action

Digital marketing campaigns across channels, from paid ads to email marketing, are full of performance metrics to analyze and optimize. Which ones should you prioritize and in what order? This question may seem easy to answer when you are only looking at the few metrics you are familiar with. This, however, can be an arbitrary way of selecting metrics, that fails to account for the many other variables that might impact your performance.

Our Next Best Action (NBA) uses machine learning techniques like those used in medical research, only in this case, the model is used to help you detect the most important variables in your marketing mix, along with the sequence of next best marketing actions most likely to drive higher performance for the conversions that matter to you.

You can also use the NBA to optimize specific channels, like paid search campaigns or email marketing programs.

Persona Prospector

The process of acquiring new customers is one of digital marketing’s greatest challenges, particularly when you’re trying to optimize your website’s customer experience. How can you tell which socio-demographic factors will influence consumers’ preference for a brand? Aside from survey analyses, how can you know which audiences and personas to target with your landing pages and brand communications strategy?

The answer can be found right in your data. With the help of thousands of attributes extracted, statistical methods and machine learning, our team composed of data scientists works with our client experience experts to identify and group together the most meaningful attributes of the highest converting users on your website, based on predetermined criteria for conversion and conduct research on the identified personas, resulting in a user experience that’s better adapted to each audience when they visit your site for the first time.

Delta Opportunity Index

In recent years, we have been using an increasingly sophisticated model to predict the cost per sale for our customers. The ingredients of the model are quite simple: demand, marketing expenses and revenue generated, but the result of our prediction proves to be surprisingly accurate from one analysis to the next. This tool is perfect for those who want to forecast their media investments based on tangible market data. Learn more in this article.

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