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Adviso not only guided us in the integration of a DMP, the team also supported us in our activation strategy through a concrete segmentation model suited to our business reality.
Julie Pomerleau
Marketing Director

Set-up and configuration of a data management platform

Nespresso Canada was selected for the establishment of multi-network audience management technology, commonly called a DMP (data management platform) in the industry. Nestlé-Nespresso currently provides Salesforce Krux (Sales Marketing Audience Studio) to all its business units. However, Nespresso Canada wanted to go a step further in the adoption and democratization of this technology across all aspects of its marketing activities in Canada.

Adviso was asked to set up, configure and co-pilot the Salesforce Krux platform with the Nespresso Canada and Nestlé team. Adviso’s experts accomplished the mandate through an audience-based approach using the data provided by the CRM, which included channelling data by feature and segment in the DMP. These audiences were then deployed through all the configured marketing channels. This achievement facilitated the identification of more exploitable audience segments. 

For example, rather than working with a generic classification such as 25- to 54-years-olds, our team of data scientists worked with Nespresso’s digital audience and business intelligence specialist Claire Pasque to apply a more advanced machine learning clustering model. This model, called the Prospector Segment, is what has enabled the Nespresso team to discover new buyers to target in prospection and brand awareness campaigns. Essentially, our data scientists worked with Claire to bring out the distinctive traits of the top buyers on the website based on Google Analytics and DMP data. The results were very positive: In the first test campaign, Prospector Segment personas used with DMP generated 40 percent more revenue per thousand impressions than generic prospecting audiences. 

In addition, the use of this platform enabled Nespresso Canada to optimize its advertising purchases, which had formerly been managed by agencies. Through the centralization of impressions and conversions, today Nespresso Canada can ensure it implements optimal frequency and gets better performance for its advertising placements.

Finally, we contributed to the improvement of internal processes in terms of customer data management with a co-piloting approach. This guidance enabled a reduction in project risk and improved the autonomy of the Nespresso Canada team when working with this innovative technology.

We’re proud to have helped Nespresso Canada become one of the Nestlé units with the best productivity and the highest adoption rate following the establishment of this audience management platform.

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