Digital strategy News Adviso’s 360 media offering is now official: A recap of our recent evolution

Adviso’s 360 media offering is now official: A recap of our recent evolution

16 November 2021

If there’s one thing that obsesses our experts more than digital key performance indicators, it’s our clients’ business results. And it’s this obsession, combined with our clients’ continual requests that handle the management of their entire media portfolios, that led to the 360-degree expansion of our media activities a few years ago.

Today, five years later, we’re exploring the potential of combining online and offline media to achieve our partners’ goals.

Here’s how the story evolved.

Back in 2016, the team at Campsite approached us to help them build a robust, dynamic audience targeting solution for their DOOH programmatic platform. Our knowledge of ad technologies was put to work towards the digitization of a media format that used to be exclusively traditional. Thus Campsite was born, one of the premiere DOOH programmatic buying platforms in Canada. Today, Campsite is what we currently use for our media campaigns.

“The team at Adviso, with their innate expertise in digital media and innovation, were able to adopt programmatic display tools easily and competently. They have the experience required to extract the most advantages out of recent technological developments in display for their clients.”

– Édith Gagné, Vice-President, Programmatic Success, Broadsign

In 2020, the Chambre des notaires du Québec, whom we had already collaborated with for a digital media project, asked us to guide them in establishing their new brand identity. The goal of this 360 media mandate was to publicize notaries’ areas of expertise. We quickly realized the potential of the idea, and our media strategists delivered a 360 campaign that’s still returning results to this day.

While our first offline media success was gradually materializing, we continued our evolution in digital and data science. In January of 2020, both these worlds came together when we won the bid for Destination Québec cité (formerly known as the Office du tourisme de Québec).

This mandate allowed us to team up with an ambitious partner who was eager to learn and interested in using its data to create campaigns that would have a bigger impact in business terms. Which is exactly what we did, by combining all relevant media both on and offline.

“Destination Québec cité chose Adviso for their diverse expertise that goes beyond merely media placement. Considering the complex digital world we live in, the borders between media, social media, websites, SEO, SEM, analytics, etc. don’t exist anymore, and you need to master and understand the interconnections between these elements to be effective and relevant. Also, we wanted access to experts who were also people that were available and interested in coaching, not just to execute strategies but also help proactively grow and guide our internal team. This was definitely a successful partnership that continually evolves. Bravo!”

– Philippe Caron, Acting Director, Intelligence and Digital Marketing, Destination Québec cité

In the coming months, our teams will notably be helping Cirque du Soleil with its strategy and 360 media buys in several Canadian markets, such as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

Today Adviso is officially announcing its 360 media offering, despite having a long development period working alongside clients and on its own terms—an offering essentially driven by data, one that is both transparent and powerful.

“In recent years, Adviso’s media team have sharpened their skills in offline media through training and supervision by recognized experts. We’re noticing a real passion developing amongst our internal resources, because the mandates we’re taking on are increasingly stimulating and allow our team to broaden their horizons and develop their creative thinking. It’s also a good opportunity to put Adviso’s wide-ranging strategic approach to good use in order to offer multi-service 360 support (analytics, SEO, digital experience, marketing content and media)!”

– Caroline Leprince, Media Director, and Alix Boivin, Media Practice lead, Adviso

Faced with the convergence of the digitization of offline media and the disappearance of third-party cookies, this offering will allow clients to adapt to a new era in media performance measurement in terms of both awareness campaigns as well as conversion.