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New Faces on Our Team

09 March 2020

A number of new employees have joined the Adviso family since last October. The agency is thrilled to welcome so much intelligence, know-how and professionalism to our daily adventures. 

Get to know them! The order they appear in the text below is based on the photo, from left to right, from behind to front.

Ayman Ghamraoui – Specialist, Information and Management Systems

From a very young age, Ayman was passionate about technology and computer science. His curiosity and passion drove him to discover the world of digital media. He describes this as his first professional love. In 2018, Ayman decided it was time for a new challenge. He decided to change careers, and put his mind to work on information systems management. In order to deepen his knowledge and learn more about complex systems, he enrolled at HEC. His technical instincts and understanding of technology and digital media are highly valued skills at Adviso.

Pierre-Jean Bertrand – SEO Content Specialist

Pierre-Jean has worked in SEO for more than a decade. He was the SEO project lead for a French agency, then went on to explore life on the client side at Indigo in Toronto. Pierre-Jean plans to continue his training on the latest innovations in search marketing, and put his expertise to use for Adviso’s clients.

Cédric Lequenne – Marketing Analytics Strategist

Previously, Cedric held the role of digital media and web analytics consultant in Belgium for just over four years. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Internet Technology as well as a diploma in Business Administration. His experience, along with his knowledge of analytics and digital marketing will be an asset for his clients and colleagues alike.

Maëlle Bail – Project Coordinator

With eight years of marketing experience, Maëlle has grown over the past year while working as a project manager at FLO, a fast-growing Quebec-based company working on the electrification of transportation. Her professional experience has allowed her to develop her organizational and analytical skills, while maintaining customer relationships as her core priority. After years of working on the client side, she’s looking forward to broadening her experience by joining our agency.

Adrien Lallemand – SEM Analyst

Adrien gained his experience in paid search campaigns while working for Omnicom. His pragmatism and creativity will be an asset for the whole Adviso team.


Myrtille Gritte – Customer Experience Analyst

Myrtille started her career as a social media manager then a digital project manager. Aside from her passion for digital and the opportunities it presents, Myrtille is a strong believer in the power of clean, well-thought out design (as a base) and more broadly in customer experience. She is excited to take up Adviso’s challenge and join the team.

Nadia Exil – Accounts Receivable Clerk

After working and travelling for more than three years in the world of digital dentistry, Nadia is taking on new challenges while advancing her career in the area of accounting. Her flexibility, proactiveness, organizational abilities and team spirit give her all the skills she needs to tackle her new responsibilities as an accounts receivable clerk at Adviso.

Chloé Beaudoin – Marketing and Communications Specialist

Chloé began her career in the world of media working for La Presse, where she was responsible for a variety of advertising accounts on La Presse+. Before joining Adviso, she worked in marketing for C2 Montréal. Her digital marketing and event experience will be an asset in helping to grow Adviso’s brand through content, conferences and training opportunities.

Paulina Gutiérrez Apablaza – Digital Media Analyst

Paulina earned a BA in translation in 2016, then made a shift towards digital marketing after just over a year. Her experience with languages, her analytical skills and her rigor make her a promising media analyst.

Lisa Camier – Customer Experience Strategist

Before coming to Adviso, Lisa worked as an agricultural engineer before deciding to retrain in web marketing because she wanted a skillset that included both a technical and a marketing side. She held the role of internal project lead for a digital marketing agency in France, and participated in the development of an inbound marketing-focused subsidiary called Winbound, as well as in the creation of an event called Inbound Marketing France. She provided support for B2B clients as well as the inbound marketing group. Lisa wants to develop her skills in UX, CRO and data analysis, so that one day she can create an organization related to agro-ecology. Her 360-degree vision, sense of customer service and positive attitude will be major assets to the whole team.

Arthur Camberlein – SEO and data Specialist

During his career, Arthur held a position as a data analyst in Luxembourg, in addition to having worked in a web marketing agency as an SEO and web analytics consultant in the North of France. Arthur arrives straight from Europe with a background in organic research and data analysis, which will strategically complement Adviso’s content marketing team.



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