Digital strategy News Groupe Park Avenue chooses us to lead its marketing strategy!

Groupe Park Avenue chooses us to lead its marketing strategy!

09 March 2017

Since 1959, Groupe Park Avenue operates within the automobile industry. Today, it consists of 18 automobile dealerships across Canada, including 14 in Quebec, and showcases brands such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Toyota, Infiniti, Lexus, MINI, and Volkswagen. Its objective is to innovate while offering an exceptional experience in the sales and automobile maintenance departments.

After a few years of collaboration, Groupe Park Avenue is renewing its engagement towards Adviso for the next three years, since it wishes to increase the focus on digital tools in its global strategy. Adviso, an established agency rooted in digital strategy, will therefore act as the marketing reference for Groupe Park Avenue, and will work in collaboration with its two partners, BICOM Communications and Macadam.

Groupe Park Avenue is an ideal client for us due to their trust in digital strategies, their desire to push the boundaries and to innovate, and their commitment to offering an impeccable customer service from A to Z. It is truly a pleasure to work with a client and partners that are as passionate, visionary, and efficient

Stéphanie Gélinas,
Account manager, Adviso.


he Adviso Team is very proud to be able to participate in the success of local companies that embody values that represent us. We invite you to experience your next automobile or maintenance service through