Digital strategy News Adviso awards scholarship to the regional winners of the GOMAC contest at ESG

Adviso awards scholarship to the regional winners of the GOMAC contest at ESG

07 October 2022

For the eighth consecutive year, Adviso is happy to once again renew its support for ESG students participating in GOMAC (the Global Online Marketing Academic Challenge). Taking great pride in the next generation of marketers, Adviso is awarding a $2,000 scholarship to Gracielle SillsMarylin Forget and Alexandra Bouasria for achieving the best ranking in North and South America combined.

GOMAC is an international student contest in which teams compete to create, execute, optimize and generate campaign reports on digital advertising platforms. This contest provides a unique learning experience to students, enabling them to advance from theory to practical application and obtain a sense of what it’s like to manage digital campaigns for actual clients. This year, 375 students from Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and the United States took part in the challenge.

In recent years, our Director of Digital Media, Nicolas Villeneuve, has been involved in training digital marketing students at ESG, and more particularly in supporting GOMAC teams under the supervision of Professor Harold Boeck.

I’m very grateful for Adviso’s support of Quebec students in digital marketing. The company plays a leading role in our community and Nicolas Villeneuve has contributed to the success of ESG students participating in GOMAC through his practical experience in the field.”– Harold Boeck, Professor and Director, Marketing Department, ESG UQAM.