Digital strategy News Evolving roles at Adviso

Evolving roles at Adviso

Recently, Adviso announced a number of promotions. We are excited to recognize the professional development and accomplishments of twelve of our colleagues who have been promoted to new positions within our firm.

Today it’s your turn to learn more about these extraordinary people who earned our most recent round of appointments!


Noémie is the ultimate team player. You can find her everywhere, talking to everyone, asking questions most would dare not ask and providing answers you would never expect! From the moment she joined the team as an analyst, a little over one year ago, we all became hooked on her contagious spirit—she impressed everyone, co-workers and clients alike, with the rigorous quality of her work. She proved her worth at Adviso at every level, which is why we’re so proud to give her a promotion and make her our new digital media specialist.


With three years at Adviso, Rosemarie has impressed us with her versatility and breadth of knowledge. Every role, project and challenge she’s been entrusted with has been an opportunity to demonstrate her well-developed reflexes and instincts in management. Always calm, poised and in control, her presence reassures everyone when she takes things in hand, a pillar of strength supporting our team as well as our clients. Rosie is a true managerial rock star! So it’s with great enthusiasm that we’re looking forward to seeing Rosemarie shine in her new role as project manager!



Arriving at Adviso barely a year ago, Simone quickly carved out her place at the agency, integrating herself so well into the team it was as if she’d always been here. She gives everything she’s got to every task she takes on. Polished and 100% invested, she has demonstrated the full range of her arsenal over the past few months, providing unrivalled service while being attentive to client needs and passionate about maintaining her business relationships.

Curious and ambitious, Simone has proven her ability to take on new challenges with verve, in addition to distinguishing herself through her self-assurance, rigour and positive energy. It was only natural that we would promote her to project manager.


For three years, Chloé has put her energy, passion, rigour and creativity to work in order to shine a light on all the development, expertise, clients and shared accomplishments to be found here at Adviso.

In the past year, in addition to proving her leadership skills in marketing, she’s become involved in a few foundational projects and has taken her first steps into management.

All these experiences have contributed to creating the professional she is today. Now she’s ready to take on a new role: head of marketing.


Since her arrival at Adviso a little over one year ago, Alix has demonstrated the full range of her expertise in media planning and strategy. Her ability to combine data, insight and creativity makes her a genuine mentor to our team. Given she’s possessed of a natural flair for leadership, it was only natural that she would become part of our management team in media.

In her new role, we’re sure she’ll contribute to the continuing evolution of our expertise in media and to the professional development of our team members.


For a year and a half, Maxime has successfully won over our clients as well as his co-workers thanks to his comprehensive expertise in relational marketing as well as his generosity. It was an immense pleasure to collaborate with this true team player as we reconstructed our relational marketing practice, a project that never could have come together without him.

Maxime has an innate, deeply rooted sense of leadership. In addition to being a visionary, he understands how to establish efficient work processes and inspire his teams to perform even better, to shine even brighter, every single day, all in service of making our clients happy!

For all these reasons, it was obvious that Maxime would become relational marketing practice lead within our specialized customer experience team.


Since his arrival at Adviso, Pierre has stood apart for his lively spirit, expertise, strategic thinking and wealth of knowledge, which goes well beyond the field of media. Pierre is unanimously viewed as a leader and professional with remarkable team spirit who’s truly appreciated by his colleagues.

We are very lucky to have him, and it’s a great joy to promote him to team leader—a role that’s well-deserved!


Since her arrival at Adviso one-and-a-half years ago, Marie hasn’t stopped impressing us in her position as media specialist. She’s proactive, determined and devoted to the happiness and development of her team. An excellent manager and fine strategist, Marie is extremely exacting in her work (no detail escapes her attention) and very self-critical, qualities that have enabled her to deliver high-quality work day after day.

So it’s with great pleasure that we’d like to announce Marie’s appointment as team leader. Our entire team is thrilled to be able to count on her skills!


In every career there comes a time when you need to make a choice: push the limits of your expertise or get into management. Moulaye went with the first option. He continues to excel in data and analytics, in both strategic and technical aspects. A demanding taskmaster when it comes to his team while remaining fair-minded and inspiring, he develops his skills as leader and manager on a daily basis. Every accomplished team member at Adviso aims to spend time with Moulaye and benefit from his mentorship—being taken under his wing is a privilege, a gauge of success for anyone who wants to further their career.

Setting an example for the younger generation through his teaching and impressive accomplishments, Moulaye is an important asset when it comes to Adviso’s future, which he’s had a hand in building for the past five years. We’re sure he’ll continue to employ the full breadth of his talent in his new role as vice-president of data and customer experience.


Anaïs arrived at Adviso almost two years ago as a digital media analyst. She quickly made a name for herself with her calm demeanour, sense of initiative, curiosity and deadpan humour. Barely a year after her arrival, she evolved into a specialist role. In recent months, she has become the strategic lead for major accounts, in addition to developing our Paid Social practice. She freely shares her deep knowledge of platforms, makes major contributions to the training of our media department and has an infectious love of TikTok.

That’s why we’re hugely excited today to announce Anaïs’s appointment as practice lead of Paid Social.


Paulina’s calm, quiet exterior belies her great strength and wide array of skills in digital media. With over five years of experience, she guides clients and colleagues in the creation of solid, high-performance campaigns. In full control of her field and technically flawless, Paulina also embodies a deep humanity and empathy that make her a highly valuable team member. Without a shadow of a doubt, she’ll be an exceptional digital media strategist.



En constante évolution depuis son arrivée chez Adviso il y a maintenant cinq ans, Mathieu possède une connaissance approfondie des médias, de l’évolution technologique et de la réalité d’affaires de nos clients. Curieux de nature, il est en mesure d’intégrer sa vision au sein de nos opérations et de mobiliser ses collègues en ce sens. De par sa grande expertise, son leadership et sa grande rigueur, il est un membre clé de notre équipe de direction média : il nous aide à demeurer à l’avant-garde de la pratique média, contribuant ainsi directement à la grande qualité du produit média offert chez Adviso.