Digital strategy News Écho contest: Adviso wins for Best Company Social Involvement Program

Écho contest: Adviso wins for Best Company Social Involvement Program

11 November 2019

The Écho contest recognizes the work of professionals in human resources and talent management, as well as employer brand strategists.

Adviso is proud to announce that on November 7 it was awarded the prize for Best Company Social Involvement Program.

Through its expertise in planning and digital optimization, Adviso gives back to its community every year by enabling non-profit organizations to take their first tentative steps towards launching a web presence or by optimizing their current online presence.

We’re really touched that we were given this prize. It rewards our past year of work and the creation of our social initiative committee, for which teamwork is central. This committee has created shared values around social involvement, especially above and beyond our daily work within the agency. – Marion Dewaele

Results that speak for themselves:

  • $1 million raised for 24H Tremblant in only three years
  • Around twenty causes are supported each year, with the equivalent of $150,000 in donated fees annually
  • Between $25,000 and $100,000 in donations annually
  • Last but not least, Adviso offers a highly enjoyable work environment, with motivated employees who benefit from a strong sense of belonging (and have an above-normal participation rate) and the ability to develop their entrepreneurial interests. And don’t forget our pride in our social contributions… We rock!   

In 2020, the company plans to develop two new programs:

  • one in sustainable development, which will help Adviso be part of the sustainable development movement by promoting easy ecologically responsible initiatives for employees;
  • another external program that will give Adviso employees the chance to support the initiatives that matter most to them, the goal being to lend both the time and support of the team towards helping causes outside the office.

To see the list of contest winners, visit the official contest website here.