Digital strategy News Careers are advancing at Adviso

Careers are advancing at Adviso

05 October 2021

When we say we build careers in digital, it’s because our talented team members never stop growing and developing—not even for one second.

Here’s a summary of how our teams have evolved this past year.

Marketing and business development

Along with Adviso’s continued growth, the company’s ambitions as well as the transformative projects that are in the pipeline, sales and marketing will play an even more important role in the coming years. Which works well, since we’re lucky to have high-calibre professionals on our team who will take part in bringing our expertise to the next level, ensuring it’s even more of a driver of growth at the company.

To this end, Jean-Christophe Bouchot will become Director of Strategic Development; Guillaume Corbeil-Archambault is now Team Lead, Strategic Development; and Chloé Beaudoin has been named Marketing Strategist.


Client services

The client services group has matured a lot in recent years, thanks to an exceptional retention rate and a solid, committed team. In order to enable more opportunities for team members, we’ve decided to create the position of Senior Project Manager.

This represents a new path opening up to team members, without necessarily bringing with it responsibilities for team management or a career in account management or practice lead.

Senior project managers will therefore have the goal of managing complex accounts and projects that include a number of our departments and major clients.

We are therefore pleased to announce that Alexane Andreis has been named Senior Project Manager; Marion Dewaele has been named Senior Project Manager; and Sandra Ben-Yedder has been named Senior Project Manager.


Digital experience

There’s no doubt that managers responsible for marketing and business growth are facing a whole new set of challenges. Concepts such as customer experience, digital experience, and data strategy are now no longer mutually exclusive. On the contrary, they’re part of a system that is both complex and full of opportunity—but only if they’re put at the heart of strategic initiatives for growth.

Your future is our present. It’s for this reason that Adviso’s expertise in digital customer experience needs to be even more versatile—to turn this system into a competitive advantage for you, our clients. To this end, our services in CX, UX, CRO, nurturing, email marketing, SEO, content marketing, and digital transformation will be merged into a single multidisciplinary team whose prime directive is to transform an understanding of your customers into productivity.

As part of this restructuring around digital experience, Edouard Reinach has been named Senior Consultant in Strategy and Digital Transformation; Meryem Abou El Bal has been named Head of the Digital Experience Team; Camille Radzioch is now Head of CRO Practice; Alexandre Gardé has be named SEO Strategist; and Roxanne Synette has been named Content Marketing Specialist.


Analytics and data science

The incontestable shift on the part of organizations towards digital has led to an exponential increase in the volume of data collected. This trend has created new challenges in terms of transforming these data into marketing and business intelligence in order to improve our clients’ business performance. Our need for experts in business and marketing data is what lies behind the growth of our Analytics and Data Science Team. Thus, Moulaye Traore has been named Senior Director of Analytics and Data Science; Pascal-Philippe Bergeron has been named Head of the Analytics and Data Science Team; and Ehsan Seyedian is now Analytics and Data Science Architect.


Digital media

Our constantly expanding media team at Adviso now includes close to thirty passionate experts, all contributing to our clients’ success. At the heart of our team lies a deep expertise honed by our employees’ continual professional development. That’s how we ensure we deliver on our promise to activate all types of media initiatives to contribute to achieving our client’s business objectives.

In this vein, we’re happy to announce that Francis Devoy will become Senior Director, Media; Pascale-Anne Giguère has been named Head of the Media Team; Olivier Houle will also take on the role of Head of the Media Team; Camille Dupuy Groulx is now Digital Media Specialist; Paulina Gutiérrez Apablaza has been named Digital Media Specialist; and Anaïs Boisvert will also now be a Digital Media Specialist.