Digital strategy News Boomerang 2012: Adviso takes home an award and a grand prize!

Boomerang 2012: Adviso takes home an award and a grand prize!

30 November 2012

It’s with great pride that Adviso, in close collaboration with their client Le Devoir, took home a grand prize at the Boomerang Awards last night in the media site category. Born of the idea that the citizens of Quebec were in need of vital and comparable information on the provincial parties’ platforms in the
recent election, the platform comparison tool achieved great success.

Our initial mission was to allow Quebecers to get to know and compare the positions of the different political parties present in the 2012 Quebec election, and we are thrilled to report that some 60,000 users took advantage of the tool during the final two weeks of the editorial campaign.

The project would never have been possible without the dedication of the team at Le Devoir who, under the leadership of general manager Bernard Descôteaux and with support from journalists like Paul Cauchon, Guillaume Bourgault-Côté and Marco Belair Cirino, put all their energy into developing
content for the tool.

On the Adviso side, Joëlle Bergeron Poudrier took the project in hand and allowed everyone to work together, while Thomas Tixier and Amanda Piedimonte dreamed up the comparison tool and spared no effort to make it a success.

Finally, the comparison tool was a technical achievement of Alex Lauzon and a design by Francis Bernier.

Adviso also won a Boomerang award for their client Côté Nord Tremblant in the category of online services sites. The aim of the project was to completely redesign the e-commerce site for Côté Nord
Tremblant with a strong experiential aspect. The redesign generated a 300% increase in online reservations for the high season in comparison to the previous year. Congratulations to our partner
Beauchemin Communications, who did the development and design of the site, and to our client Anick Beaulieu, without whom the project would not have been possible. From Adviso, Karine Miron
developed the strategy for the site, Maylis Cheverry designed the user experience and Julien Beaulieu optimised the site for organic search.