Digital strategy News Adviso partners with Mondou

Adviso partners with Mondou

14 October 2020

The Adviso family received some excellent news this fall. We are happy to announce that after a rigorous selection process, Adviso has been chosen as the partner-of-choice for Mondou for its omnichannel digital marketing strategy, to conduct advanced audience targeting to generate qualified visits to stores and to accelerate their digital marketing. Adviso’s mandate also encompasses all planning, management and media investment optimization services.  

“With the rapid growth of our online sales and network of stores, we needed to find the ideal partner to develop and activate a digital media strategy to serve our soon 71 locations across the province. 

At the same time, we urgently needed to develop an innovative plan with the agency’s data technology team to counter the arrival of some major international players in our industry. Finally, we wanted to work with an agency with similar DNA to the Mondou family: expertise, passion and pleasure at work,” concludes Roxane Lalonde, Director, Marketing and digital strategy. 

Using a personalized approach to media and a deep understanding of the brand, Adviso plans to focus on targeting and optimizing digital audiences to consolidate Mondou’s position as the biggest retailer of pet food and accessories in Quebec.

The partnership with Adviso will allow Mondou to further solidify the special relationship the brand has with the Quebec population, enabling even more people to access this beloved brand. 

“We are purring with pride and enthusiasm to be supporting one of the fastest growing retailers in Canada right now. The Mondou brand inspires and so do its leaders, with whom we have the opportunity to collaborate.” 

– Jean-François Renaud, Partner and cofounder