Digital strategy News Adviso officially launches a digital transformation department

Adviso officially launches a digital transformation department

Over the past 15 years, our team has been privileged to work on a wide range of complex mandates for many different industries. Though in concrete terms the work took the form of a diverse array of new websites, campaigns and optimizations, in fact its implications often went far beyond that. For example, the merchant launching a transactional site should probably think about their product offering and the market they are serving; the media organization shifting from paper to digital should think about their monetization model, etc.

In this context, it has become clear that digital’s greatest potential comes from profound transformations that exploit opportunities across every sector of the organization. These opportunities touch everything from the product and services offering, to customer relations, financing approaches, operations… Essentially, the entire business model.

Aware that resolving these issues would require an adapted structure, Adviso decided to create a division specifically dedicated to digital transformation projects. Our seasoned consultants now work hand in hand with clients’ upper management to find solutions to complex challenges such as the acquisition of a digital company, the launch of a new service category, the (re)construction of a digital team, the reorganization of how digital is managed, the development of new business models, etc.

Few companies can qualify themselves as mature digital natives, or offer the rigor, technological neutrality and flexibility of a consulting firm in addition to the agility, efficiency and proactivity of an agency. This balance is the Adviso difference.

We have been helping our clients transform with digital for at least five years. The main change is that Adviso has decided to adjust its structure to account for the reality that these services are intended for different decision-makers: senior management, vice-presidents beyond marketing and technology, even shareholders and boards of directors.

Simon Éthier, Strategy Director at Adviso

To highlight this major addition to Adviso’s service portfolio, we embarked on a complete site redesign, rethinking the user experience to incite visitors to explore our services, our projects and the many articles our specialists have contributed.

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